Sunday, July 16, 2017

Lots to talk and type about

After a very long hiatus, along came of the Og collab figures of my past.
When we link, it's simple as creation.
The pace at which things can happen are totally up to one's own threshold. Kno-one and Mae have great threshold and tolerance for creative output.

All this is fancy talk for [ we made a track together].

I gotta admit that I am ready to move out of this house! I been ready.
The lack of moving when ''I'' want to has me all over the place musically.
The thought of settling in and getting comfortable is a creative boost I want to feel.
Right now the setup is messy though workable.
I can create solid joints, though I need to mix on monitors again.
Headphone mixing is taxing on the ears.
All I have is the ever living car test.

IF the car test wasn't here for me, I'd sonically collapse on myself.
I really don't want to turn folks away from my mixing because of cross-comparing with industry standards. I just need you to trust where the sonics are taking you.

Lo-Fi for the win- is a daily mantra this season.
I don't know when the hell imma return to whatever I was on before.

Is it still cool to wing it?
Do things always need to be planned ahead?

Can music still be free and unpredictable?

These are questions and wishes.


Random shouts to Mc. Sav and his camp. The whole Flood Society thing intrigues me and I did not realize the backstory of you and your brothers past. I always will consider you family so know that.

You guys make very shiny and radiant things. The videos, the sound, the image..all of it, so clean and shiny. I now know that God is a big influence on your craft.
I ask you to continue to keep an eye out on me. I can suprise you if you let me.
There is a strong feeling that you are aware of the realationship of a rose and concrete.
Can't lie though, Flood Society makes me wanna make shiny and pretty stuff.

I love the gutter though.
Can grime and bleach coexist?


So man, I been smoking ciggs and staying up late, fucking all the way up.

On purpose.

There is a certain obsession I have with bouncing back from things.

I gotta feel myself getting stronger again. Physically I felt a plateu coming, so I reacted.

Isn't is terrifying to know that fitness can disolve within 3 to 6 weeks?

I don't wanna be normal like ya'll niggas, so I better get back to form.

STP is this weekend. I owned the past two years. This year, I'm smoking and drinking.

Go figure lol.

No regrets!!!!!! just peaks and valleys.

Over and out.

Monday, July 3, 2017

Before the 4

On a very good wavelength right now.
Folks are saying wave now but I still call it a wavelength.
Audio can be used to rebel, and Lo-Fi it is, for the win.
Every recording right now is like a snowflake for me.
Some will be happy to have this sound back.
Others are gonna be confused.

Dali' loved confusion by the way.
More then any of us do.
The samples are easy to come by/think of. Too many things from childhood.
Coming at me one way or another.
This writing style is goofy.

I have maybe two more joints to record this week.
I don't even turn the Mpc off during times like this, it just waits to get touched.
Button pressing is a joy, the biggest mistake I made was telling myself to not touch a 
sampler until I moved into the new house and settled in.
Big fat mistake.

Signing out on the eve of the 4th.
Speaking of 4, Jay has a great album....I understand it, and this new Shock Top brew is cool.

Peace ya'll.

I'm dumb creative and haven't even touched the shrooms yet.
How bout that?

Imagine when I hit those up.

And I have quite the hefty bag full.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017


Im aware. It could take a minute for your ears to adjust. 
I'll wait. 
Month of Mae was sorta quiet but very clear. 
The stuff after was very very in your face and urgent.
I honestly had something to prove with that joint. 

I won't lie. Sev got me back to the ultimate lo fidelity expirience. 
He and I have a sound, which I abandoned for the moment. 

Right quick! 
I'm doing stuff on GarageBand. I'm not sonically biting anyone. 
I'm doing a very bedroom musician kinda sound. 
The passion is there, the beats's just quieter. 
I'm done with the loud wars for now. 
This new mixing style, you can enjoy the music at really low volume. 
The vocals, the beat, everything will still cut through. 
My mixing takes a while to do. 
I experiment very deeply with sound. 
At the same time. 
I know what to do with my voice and my range. 
The true mix always pokes out to me. 
I do a lot of headphone mixing at the moment. 
I admit, it's not exactly by choice. 
Just the predicament I'm in of having less resources. 
With less resources, comes more creativity. 

On a whole I'm proud of my new. 
I realize your ears are trained and I'm a bit of a musical nuisance. 
This is all on a purpose though. 
I love the essence of HipHop but I'm tired of the traditional sound and mixing. 
I want my mixing. 
Just remember when you listen to me. 

I don't want to be like anybody but me! 
No matter the struggle it manifests with others. 

I'd much rather stick out then blend in. 

I see the dopest people blending in. 
Making me a sad person. 
I want more for them. 


Sunday, June 25, 2017


So I thought I was on a roll with some new beats.
Guess I was in a rush. I have a tendency to get excited over things like that.
I have some writtens ready for recording. 

I sorta refuse to turn on a beat machine because I'm so so close to moving to a new place.
I want to settle, and then create.

I may just have to play the waiting game.

I, I, I.

It's tough to sit on writtens like this but Sev needs a chance. Good things take time right?
Paranoid and ansty are two traits of a weed head.
Only thing Is, I don't inhale anymore.

To put it politely....

Hurry up Sev! Lemme be DOOM to your Madvillian already. Fuck.

Beats are bitches and I don't hold too many chicks on a pedestal.

I am very afraid of moving on though.

Already sent a shout out to Thurge. Brazil for the win hopefully.

I'm a demanding little son of a gun right?

Perhaps even spoiled.

Nighty night. Early nights mean early days started.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Dark Blue and Green

These my friends are the colors of a Capricorn.

I love a sprinkle of purple as well.

Colors can affect moods and as one who paints and draws, I know better.

Just thought that I would let you know.

I was reading online about this guy who upon hearing certain artists would see actual colors as the music played. He said that Madlib was a burnt orange or something like that.

Made me wonder, what color would my stuff sound like?

I think every project would have a different color depending on the mix, the beats, etc.

Kinda cool to think about.

It's been a long week and I am ready to chill. Got a Men's Room brew in my hand and it is a red beer.
It's all in the details.

Later readers.