Monday, April 9, 2018

Lecture time.

We can go back and forth about Tacoma and my place in the music scene.
We can go into how much I have defended the city itself.
Defending the city and its mystique against these people around me that talk chatter.
Like Y'all are even qualified to speak on the TAC.
INTERESTINGLY enough, I have managed to slip into the creative cracks of the local music scene.
Long time ago too. Longer then some. Yet shorter than others.
All in all I’ve gotten to produce some things for people here and there.
I have a strong urge to make the city bounce to Brazilian grooves and tempos.
Thus far it has worked.
Hearing the duality of street poetry over breezy and melodic Brazilian sounds is a climax for me.
Shit just works.
I can make traditional Boom bap and always will.
What I can say is that these joints I have currently are necessary.
Audio wise. Sample wise. Technique wise.
Many producers are gonna hear me and wonder why?
Least I expect them to.
Put me up against anyone out here. I guarantee that I will be the misfit.
I will be the rule breaker. The rule bender.
For the sake of pushing the boundaries.
And conceptually.
Niggas just need to hear me out.
I wanna teach my friends and family everything I believe in.

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Morning refelction meditation write.

Very productive, marry the corrupted subjects.
Life in the past was really like a cast.
Broken bone fragments, open wounds, yet prone to passion.
Imagine matching my sense for slacking.
Back then.
Speak about back then.
Journalistic knapsack and a pen as a weapon.
Don't fret the protection if I bet you to beckon.
Suppress the connection from back then? Or act Grim?
Just believe that you can teach the teachers.
Creep from the creepers.
Reach out to the reachers.
Keeper of a sake in a briefcase with cheap features.
Meddle with the melatonin for the peak sleepers.
Face the loathing part as two sides of oneself grow apart.
Show both the slow and potent arts.
The arts.
A well-documented savior.
The arts are like a parent for creators.
Used to count on guidelines to design rhymes.
Now the only things necessary are intellect and signs.
Except it varies.
Accept the fairies that grant wishes.
Sidetracked by the masses visions.
Catalyst attracting redemption yet masking symptoms.
Makes for a surface likely for slipping.
Likely leaving for the sake of living.
WE use the same things but I somehow made it different.

Thinking back yo, I made it out of some pretty trying times. Sure many others had it tougher than me.
Some had the same toughness of events going. The idea is that no matter the degree of difficulty, to make positive advancements in one's life is obviously a plus. I feel that every now and again we need to sit and count some of these plus moments from our lives in order to keep certain things in context. The things that matter to you! The things that are helping AND hurting your overall advancement.
Assess the things that hold you back.
Cherish the things that hold you up.
Get active and control yourself.
Many of us will have thousands and thousands of days to practice these tasks.
inevitably taking a lifetime to perfect.
These tasks. 

Monday, April 2, 2018

I’ve made it super easy to follow me throughout my years on earth.
Technology has allowed me to be up front about things with complete strangers.
Google knows things the same way you can, it’s just that observation is necessary.
I’ve told my story via Soundcloud, Blogger, Wordpress....many more sites.
I get puzzled when the stereotype of mystery and mystique surrounds me yet I am so open.
So informative on myself.
This site is called maefordummies.
That was an on purpose decision.
A way for you readers to understand me on a surface/basic level.
Sean Price said how “most black niggas don’t read”
If such is the case then that sucks for me and you.
I’ll continue to be misunderstood and you misinformed.

The other day I ran 11 whole miles! More then I ever have in my life.

Follow my small wins people.
Both my gains and losses are very public for you to see.

Friday, March 30, 2018

PCM write. Paranoid Critical Free Write

After some initial learning.I was able to continue on with a deeper understanding while standing on this earth after landing. The fantasy was always to plan for a deed. Withstand from greed. Handle the fees.

There are a few people I know that mismanage the keys. Ran with disbelief in the older days.
I guess to them it was more of a man's mystique.
Meanwhile, I channeled heat in my stomach region.
Bludgeoned by the ideas of wonderous freedom.
Suffering's just begun to free em'.

Way past the valleys and earth sights, upon the hour of dawn, when he first writes, you can sense the majesty.  Self-created his audio texture tapestries. A little bit of this, and that at least.

Ultimately, his form of pretending mastery.

Impending apathy and shackled techniques collide with skin sacs competing for the best beats.
The written word exists outside of that.
Deal with the current to endure it.

Astounding fact.

Tell the city the man from the town is back.
Dali's only there for a talking piece. Ironically, this turns others away to stalk the beast.
Food for thoughts and awkward feasts.
I talk nerd in these streets.

Hypnotized to believed my thinkings awesome.
Flower buds are on the brink of blossom.
Winds make the leaves on the trees talk often.
Continuous barking, starting and stopping.

Jaw dropping logic and lost things.
Idea's stocked in a crock pot to steam.
Thought's cookin'
Act like your not good then.
At least he understood him.


Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Back then.

Did not realize how much I was getting it in back in 2010.
Reading my old wrtitng style was enjoyable. I was sad though.
Lotta sadness in those old phrases.
You can tell that was before the bicycle.
Before the music equipment, well....not long before aquiring more equipment than
I had prior.
I’d like to think that I am more refined yea?

Ended up bookmarking a poem I found on the old blog. A poem about Halloween.
I was good when I wrote that one.

I’m gonna concentrate about structure and syllables for a while.


I made myself fall in love with poetry again.
Old man hank did that shit too though.


Wednesday, March 21, 2018

First off.

2nd off.

Go off for a run like I'm stepping lost.
Neglect feeling of expecting to floss.
Athletic lifestyle yet conjecture is boss.
Linear time hostage lost amongst a God sense.
Fortunately fought with demons and drop them.
Everybody is not him that's why I'm talkin'
Linguist level concoctions blacker then dachshunds.

Just messing around.

I signed up for a 10k this Sunday and feel very prepared for that.
Been quiet around here but I want to take the time to explain how I am very attached to thisathletic lifestyle. Naturally so.
It IS that time of the year where things begin to come to life right?
I did cycle thousands of miles over the last three years.
I have started running more seriously now and have noticed that I have a natural knack for the discipline.
I can see myself sticking with this for a while. Like. I am really feeling it.
Feeling lively is a true buzz giver. A clean high.
The music production will not stop at all.
Don't fear things like that.
Music to train to in the meantime.
That's what you will get from me.
IT will continue to exist despite others liking such or not.


Saturday, March 17, 2018

The gangs all here.

So, I had great talks over the last few days with members of my preferred circle.
Guess you can say my day one fellas.
Nothing against who I know now.

I just doubt that people know who was there BEFORE high school.

MikeMyth, Pete...Sikk Mc, you are the three that have kept in consistent touch with me since those school days.
The Pre-Gonzo phase is just as important as the post phase.

Speaking of phase.

I am putting Month of Mae on the ice this year. I can officially say when I have bitten off more than the metaphorical mouth of creation can chew.

There is a strong sensation I have had all year and I am just now beginning to figure out what the sensation has been. I must acknowledge this feeling and act accordingly.
Fitness has called on me and insists that I fulfill this athletic journey to become a local badass.

Riding bikes and running around this peninsula will be the bulk of my extracurricular activities from now until maybe late summer.

I still love music.
I still love to create.
Even wanna paint some things.

The bucket list concept is a real concept.
Apparently, my list consists, of course, results and recovery plans.

Front row at my own show.

Lecture time.

We can go back and forth about Tacoma and my place in the music scene. We can go into how much I have defended the city itself. Defending ...