Wax that

Wax that

Friday, June 26, 2015

Wild Yo!

Still, no knee pain, Im back! That is all that I can expect.

STP2015 is very near and I can say that I have healed just in time.

Been rollin harder then ever since feeling better. The bike is tuned perfectly and the gentle hum of the tires against pavement have been the soundtrack to my life this entire year.

to ride is to train.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Training over this weekend.

A real pleasure to get out and work my old pace again. Today is 2 days and counting with NO knee pain. 


Not even a tinge. I have to remember the fact that this weekend was nearly "full gas" and that despite my efforts....I'm not hurt!  Bout ready to do a backflip from pure joy. 

Been getting more and more people to ride and the Inspiration is in fact working wonders on most. With tour de pierce and Seattle to Portland coming fast at me, this recent strength and pace is just what I want to see with such little time left to train and be at my (A) game 


Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Aight Beanz. I'm writing. 

Or haggard. Whichever one you choose 

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Month of Mae is over yo and the overall product has left me with no complaints. There were times when I couldnt get the song out that very day but I still managed to pull it together and capture the mood of each  particular day regardless.

In the works,  are my continued training efforts for STP [seattle to portland] and with the event being in July, I am close as all hell to the day, Time to see if my abilites are up to par.

Month of Mae was really the only reason that I gave my Soundcloud some activity, well, that and MikeMyth253, other then that Im sort of cool on music for now. I have made lots and I enjoy playing my joints on the bike, makes for a fun listening experience. With enough Brazilian Jazz on deck, I may never have the need to create new melody or vibes. Least thats what I think for now.......thoughts are like clouds

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Month of Mae 2015

Nope. I diddnt do a cover this year for the daily diary project I do every year since 4 years ago. 

I did decide to only record on the MacBook this time. There are a number of reasons for that one. With extreme mobility of using a laptop, I'm everywhere this time around.....a lot of times, in the car. I'm capturing moments like I always do. I'm capturing vibes and moods like never before. If anyone else records this way I would seriously want to know. Each year it feels like I'm chisling away at my own lonely historical body of journalistic work. Only self journalism. 

Like gonzo style but a whole new surrealist way! 

Monday, April 27, 2015

An update

It's easier just to be honest and admit that I'm a tad depressed due to a recent sports injury. My kneecap is screwed up enough to discourage me from riding the bike as aggressive as previous training sessions. 

In other words. Fuck. 

The injury was nobody else's fault but mine and that's where the self guilt and depression comes from suppose. 

I'm slowly getting over the fact that I'm  a partial handicap cat. At times, walking just feels plain awkward and painful. Let's not be hurt to the point that surgery is needed aight? 

There's "tons" of musical homework that I need to tend to (Collabs, albums etc.) so why don't I just do them? The feeling isn't there to do mass amounts of music anymore BUT, creativity does come fairly randomly and I could be recording today as far as I know. Basically saying that I honestly do not know when I will create. It just sorta happens. 

In other news.....I went diggin over the weekend. I don't know why or how but I always seem to find the very record that I'm set to look for. I was playing exotic sounds on my phone all last week and boom! Few minutes of diggin and I find it. It's always like that. 

So yea my soundcloud updates are few are far inbetween but I'm the only gonzo still doing it in actuality. I talk to the homies and the associates and everyone is on standby. Creative pause mode lol. Nothing against them and nothing against their  legit reasons for non creation of music. 

Let's face it though. Maedali is the only one still giving you consistent lyrical content and/or Grimey toilet bowl beats. 

That's as far as gonzo family is concerned.  


Love yalls.