Wax that

Wax that

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Casa Forte by Brasil 66...I simply adore you. If you were a women, I'd perhaps get myself in trouble just to get to you. I don't wanna stretch it, can I say it? 

Aight, your my number 1 favorite song ever. Lord knows I'm a hip hop man, but Brasil 66 holds a different place in my heart. Straight up and down. I'm serious with my musical preference like an overprotective father with a teenage daughter. 

Just had to let that be known. 

Now I'm gonna go back to making cigarettes on this Molins mk9-5r 

Google that shit and see what I'm about. 


Monday, October 27, 2014


Cashier this morning looked really flabbergasted that I could " feel great" on a Monday. I'm learning that it does not take very much to leave the average person surprised. 
I gotta come out and say it, riding the bike to work has its benefits. It's so unconventional for people out here to ride in to the job but I've been doing it for months straight now. 

Yall doubted me. 
I diddnt.

Truly beautiful people more often than not feel the same way that they look. Dont expect for great mental and physical health to hop into your lap. That's why you see gorgeous women with shitty attitudes and you find ugly men with great personalities. Takes work to have both. 


Friday, October 24, 2014

Rain really filters out a percentage of folks out here. 
I diddnt really get to play in the rain till I was older. I'm still riding my bike, no matter the weather. Crazy how little effort it takes to be called crazy. As of now, riding my bike early in the morning is my favorite form of meditation at the moment. The day's when it's pitch black outside with heavy fog...it's those days I'm like "yes!". 

By the way CSA gardening takes up of lot of my thinking as of late. It's what to do. 

Take advantage if/when you can. 

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Dear friends.

First off just take this picture in for a minute. 

This is where I've been for a long time. 
Not this physical place...but a little ways down...regardless it's Indian country. No matter how you look at it. 

So. What yall doing out there? How's things? Better yet, how's the city treating you? It's been quiet. A sort of non productive silence coming from that way. It's scares me that things aren't like they used to be but scared is a feeling that comes and goes. I don't find myself affected from the change. I find myself wanting to know answers though. Something  about the human mind wanting to KNOW things eh? 

My email address is still maeisdali@gmail.com meaning that you can still get a hold of me and I will reply in the speediest of fashion. Don't use my lack of Facebook fuckery as an excuse for not hearing from me. Point is I'm around. I never left. Maybe yall did. 

Music is still coming out my way because I love it more then you. It's your hobby but it's my lifestyle. It's your project but it's my daily bread. I'm just expecting more then I should from you I guess. I'm getting better with these kinda things though. Something about the Buddha practice. I like who I am. 

So what do you like nowadays? Is it about evolution or about stagnant activity. I don't know. I'm just here. 

Miss yall. 

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Oct 18th, Libra times

Oldest son turned 8 years old today. Im taking a moment to reflect on the skills needed to make it this far...raising a smart and capable child...independent and witty amongst other things.


Its important to teach the children how to be bored..its hard getting even the most mature adults to understand this...boredom may be the only way for us as individuals to understand what motivates us along with what we want out of life. [ I had to re-write this as my youngest kid just erased what I just typed]

Autumn has always been the time of year for self reflection because people are stuck inside the house more and more since the rain has rolled in. Rain is funny like that. Bottom line, the self research should never stop regardless the season.

Apple Affair is tomorrow, If your local, you know how to find it.
time to take this sustainable living to the next level..Organic Ritual shit.

I hope yall still tuned in to soundcloud, if not, I don't care.
Like I said the other day, Im basically recording songs so I have stuff to play while I ride the mountain bike.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

"Up in the air"

New recordings being thrown out there from me. I want it to be savory since I want to fall back from certain aspects of this music. 

First time I ever just went and jacked for beats online but I don't care this time around. Besides, you only really get sweated for using people's shit when your song breaks through to the other side....either way I'm not caking from this. 

Lately I just find myself being entertained by my own quotes. I really have said a lot. Even if folks do not believe it, all the answers about me are there. Quite a lot of puzzles have been solved through writing. Least I can say that about myself anyways. 

Thursday, October 2, 2014

I'm sorta on frown mode after ripping the garden up last night. There's a feeling of lost now.

Autumn has always been the most meaningful time of the year for I.

Lot of it has to do with the colors but whatever.

I'm mostly here to ponder my new position in life/work etc. My parents think I'm ignoring them and it's understandably valid for them to think that. I'm not. I'm living the way...I love all the family...it's just that I've been on a journey for a while. I got hyper focused. Things outside the circle of sight became blurs for me. It's still that way. At work I'm the man and at home I'm the feared. I don't like some of this but it's not severe enough to affect my focused goal of something that I don't even give a shit about telling you lol..it's hard to be heard in these times. So much to compete against. So many attention spans to catch.

I just listen now.

This Sativa made me ramble jeez..


Off to take a glorious shower with the hottest water to beat against my back. I played ball tonight at was a serious problem for some. This riding a mountain bike all times of the day has really put me ahead of the competition out here at squaxin.