Wax that

Wax that

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Month of Mae 2015

Nope. I diddnt do a cover this year for the daily diary project I do every year since 4 years ago. 

I did decide to only record on the MacBook this time. There are a number of reasons for that one. With extreme mobility of using a laptop, I'm everywhere this time around.....a lot of times, in the car. I'm capturing moments like I always do. I'm capturing vibes and moods like never before. If anyone else records this way I would seriously want to know. Each year it feels like I'm chisling away at my own lonely historical body of journalistic work. Only self journalism. 

Like gonzo style but a whole new surrealist way! 

Monday, April 27, 2015

An update

It's easier just to be honest and admit that I'm a tad depressed due to a recent sports injury. My kneecap is screwed up enough to discourage me from riding the bike as aggressive as previous training sessions. 

In other words. Fuck. 

The injury was nobody else's fault but mine and that's where the self guilt and depression comes from suppose. 

I'm slowly getting over the fact that I'm  a partial handicap cat. At times, walking just feels plain awkward and painful. Let's not be hurt to the point that surgery is needed aight? 

There's "tons" of musical homework that I need to tend to (Collabs, albums etc.) so why don't I just do them? The feeling isn't there to do mass amounts of music anymore BUT, creativity does come fairly randomly and I could be recording today as far as I know. Basically saying that I honestly do not know when I will create. It just sorta happens. 

In other news.....I went diggin over the weekend. I don't know why or how but I always seem to find the very record that I'm set to look for. I was playing exotic sounds on my phone all last week and boom! Few minutes of diggin and I find it. It's always like that. 

So yea my soundcloud updates are few are far inbetween but I'm the only gonzo still doing it in actuality. I talk to the homies and the associates and everyone is on standby. Creative pause mode lol. Nothing against them and nothing against their  legit reasons for non creation of music. 

Let's face it though. Maedali is the only one still giving you consistent lyrical content and/or Grimey toilet bowl beats. 

That's as far as gonzo family is concerned.  


Love yalls. 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

No words for this.

I'm just happy to get the rack from JJ. She's the homie and she looks out for me ya know? 

Having this will enhance my riding. No doubt. 

Soon as you have that baby J, we will indeed race like you want to. I'm training and imma be confident to go against you lol. 

The bomb

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Aww wells.

Another day. Sucks knowing that I could have had a training ride this morning. Instead I'm here with a dirty house and a much needed to be cleaned up garage. 

In other words. I'm screwed for training this weekend. I just can't ignore the fact that I'm always gonna have priorities and obligations outside of cycling. It hurts but I am learning to cope with the moments. 

Maybe the women's gonna dive. Maybe not. Each weekend will be a gamble I guess. Then I'll know if I can do my 5am trainings once again. I sure do miss them. 


Least I'm recording again 

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Another grind on the road.

Where champions are made, and where the rats get caught slipping. 

Things are getting "easier" dare I say. On the bike. The shifting, the maitenance. The overall ride is getting there. 

The saddle time is increasing. The recovery time decreasing. The food Intake and diet are very stable. I'm happy with myself yall. Some days are a bore with no rides scheduled. And then other days are filled with bathroom breaks and steady hill climbs. Yeeeyeah!! I love this lifestyle. 

Some data. For the hata

Around 112 or whatever kilometers for the serious ones out there.