Wax that

Wax that

Friday, October 21, 2016

Stuff for the Thing


Redundant to place a link next to a widget with the latest sounds, But this one deserves its own post.
Charlie is a sort of day one supporter.

He'd drop love even when no one else would. Back when comments made the Soundcloud platform what it was. Dude hit me the other day wanting to know what it would take to get ''Dali" on a track.

little did he know....

All dude had to do was send something. I'll damn near rap over rain drops with drums behind em..Long as the passion is there, I'm with it.

I woke up today and knocked out the song that is the link above.

Simple. We are artists and we create. There is nothing more to it.

No magic tricks or none of that. Just simple innocent creation from the soul,

I call it heartpour sometimes. Just to keep it colorful.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Boom for eel.

Catch me. 

Writing rhymes in bullet style, pull a file though not a fool in denial. 
I radiate the written form of aviation. Escaped the lane of complacent and skated. 
...with definitive arrangement. 
My syllabus is still a mix of quintessential and ill as shit, 
Like I facilitate the really sick. 
Far past statistics and bar graphs, pull strings like guitar class with a bizarre past. 
Record holder of the 40 bar dash. 
Bring authority and more to see then the story reads. 
A large hearted task is awakening masses. 
My hits will really hit you like painstakingly classic. 
Put me in a sour mood like Vlasic. 
I'll devour you and you and you and you that's it. 
Solve the musical rubix cube the fastest. 
Quite usually manuvering through a track list. 


Doing what you diddn't do for fun. 
Imagine when it gets serious, there he is. 
In the back of the deli, chilling with takaveli. 
Coming off the top of the hat like a real g. 
Freestyle royalty and it's a real-ity. 
Stay with purified style...distilled at least. 
Catch Dali carbonating atmospheres. 
Keep the local scene bubbling for rappers fears. 
I dare you don't get caught in the onslaught, of a lexicon long shot. 
Tend to keep it behind the arc. 
Remind the arts of the potential mind of a shark. 
Suspenseful and sublime in the dark 
Divine from the start; build a shrine for the smarts. 
These eyes are the windows to greatness. 
I rise, then the pen goes apeshit. 

Monday, October 17, 2016

Typical jots.


Burn a emcee with a journal entry, learn the instinct as it turns against me. 
Clash proof,  broke through primitive shackles. 
Only try to remain definitive in the mix. 
 Benefiting's imminent when it's fixed.
Find symmetry in the synonyms then it fits. 
First they bottle emotions and then the ships. 
Identity stricken vents infiltrate the scripts. 
Still hate to escape the state of my bliss. 
Stuck on excellence in a lake of cement. 
  Born naked in a inner city matrix,
Fate mixed with a pleasant mood; makes the pain drift. 
Unprecedented from a blessed sentence,
Poetical syntax legible as my pens scratch. 
Controversial free thinker in a tin-hat. 
Knit wth the fabric of space amidst facts. 


Focused as the focal point of thought provoking joints. 
Dealt with the submission of my intrinsic afflictions. 
Back then wading knee deep in a sea of grief,
Evolved to the point of half needing leaves to see it sink. 
You should ask Jeeves how I bleed the ink. 
My inklets are trinkets like decorative achievements. 
Expect to live a decent as my defense,
I leak gifts through hip hop alligence. 
Catch concepts in the corner of my cornea. 
Born to stuff formulas down the throats of you normal fucks. 
My thoughts crumble ideas to foreign dust. 
Quite naturally exposes me to more disgust. 
More so I'm more then ho's can touch. 
Taught myself to not sound horrible and rushed. 
I'm hardcore to the core much. 
 Beats are forever chicks, I'm like the lord of lust. 

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Storm Ready

The outdoors, keeping folks inside this weekend, crazy storm of sorts.
Im bummed though, went to the lab garage yesterday morning...then.
Bam, went to turn on the yamaha receiver, make some beats.
then the box wouldn't power on.

Im sad, My setup right now is comprised of expensive speakers and a legit stereo receiver.
This ensures that I can maintain proper sound quality, least the sound I like.

Except now, my shits blown so Im back to the hood setup of M-Audio desktop joints.
Nothing too shabby but a definite step down.
Ya man has been in full Dr. Choppy mode since last month. basically fucking ears up.
Dali in the studio is stupid. very much against convention.

The music family in Tacoma is ''hearing'' whats done though...fucking great [smiles]

take your time ya'll....digest it.

It feels good to blog to my chops for a change. hell, it feels good to be a busy little bee.
Playing these new joints makes me feel felt, even if its by a chosen few.
Some of my producer buddies could be grading me, but I don't know for surely sure.

This morning, Sun Ra spoke to me in the form of Sun/Love.
Thus forcing me to make the audio form of a hug. lol
Im not one to go against impulse, especially creatively.

Do artist's care about the 4th dimension or naw?
just a random thought.

If no one is there to remind me if Im going to far, then I can only go further.
Please, If I am losing you, lemme know.

Im never scared to explain Surrealism or self created HipHop genre.

In other news, Im pleased with the new apple phones sound system.
I primarily use headphones for my listening and I can tell there has been changes.
For the better of course.

The most vital yet rubbish concept to ME at least, is time.
Once time is acknowledged as a self created force, things will be put into a perspective, 
not yet observed by those who simply ''Don't Care''
or are ''Too Busy"

That's just something that I had to put into the universe.
Enjoi your audio hug friends.


Thursday, October 6, 2016

Blackin and sneak attackin

First off.
I feel a little sickness hittin me. Some respiratory shit. I'm hoping a bike ride this weekend will take care of that.

Second though.
As much as I should, and wanted to take a break/rest from music. I couldn't keep it that way.

Dude that I collaborated with for the legendary "a walking trip" project/journey hit me with the latest thought orbit which is "author illustrator"...you'll hear about it again later.

Basically just been reading mad books...filling my brain with new things. Interesting things.

I'm cycling of course.
Slowly getting back in the saddle for longer durations then the simple commutes I've been doing. Trying to be a close shadow of my former spring time form. Kinda let myself go with the nutrition......not too bad though. I'm still fit.


Uhhhhh.....waiting to do more to inspire people positively which is very vague but still honest.

I miss doing a lot but I still do lots.

I DO want to start doing epic hikes though. I miss miss miss hiking.

A certain someone I used to go with either does not care for me, is far too busy, or just plain old does not hike anymore. Which I do not believe for one minute.


Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Dalis and Disneys.

This is a raw picture y'all. I've had it for almost a year. 
I got it from Joe. Joe is head of the Dali estate. 

If ever my funds are quadruple of what they are now...Joe is how I will cop
The authentic Dali pieces. 

Dali believed that the human eye should be considered a sex organ. 
Any pure artist can attest to this. As they know the understanding of what an "eye" 
can achieve. Eyes to me are the portal of human memories. 
Smells and sounds are powerful as well, but have no business being compared to the eye. 

These are reasons that when I record....I prefer the listener to "see" what I'm saying. 
Very much opposed to only listening. Only then, will you become fully stimulated. And satisfied. 

The main reason behind this picture isn't because both artists collaborated together, it's because both 
were masters of stimulating the eyes. 

Makes you wonder is it better to be seen or heard? 

And as far as first impressions go, which do you choose first? 

Monday, September 26, 2016

post production

Super great weekend with a list of things accomplished yo.
Cut three new joints in the garage lab, got a decent bike ride in yesterday, and met up with the viking.
Just tryna tie up loose ends on my side of the universe.
AS for these beats, pure Surreal fire. Not anything that normal folks are used to, fugg em.

SikkMc rang me the other day with talks on how he wants to come out this way.
I say do it! 
If you wanna be productive and busy, come to my creative space.
There's a peaceful mood here that you prolly cant recreate in the city.
I'm almost certain of it.

I've been re organizing things in the left field production area, realizing how much gear I truly have.
Its funny how folks come here that rap, and then don't come out to the lab...
like I don't have stuff. Stuff for making dope songs, dope beats, whatever.
Hell, you can pull up an easel and paint out here.

guess I miss collabs in a way.

Up to this point, It would be smart to continue making spare time musicals, until further notice.

It dosent matter if I believe it or not, there are artists who want beats of mine.

Time to take care of em.