Wax that

Wax that

Monday, March 9, 2015

First half century.

Put it in the books yall. Here it goes. 

Tough, cobble type road but still a solid pace considering. 

Now picture a "smooth road" 

Friday, March 6, 2015

Ellinoir today.

It was like summer out there. 
At first I was angry, thinking I had overpacked. I shed layers just after the first 100 steps. Once we hit the "chute" it was all rock....then after a while, the snow was there! Not much but enough to get a killer 300 ft slide or so. Obviously once I seen the snow, I was happy I had overpacked lol. The rain gear came in handy to slide like a champ down the hill. 

It's noon and I've already made it back home. Good push today from the boys and another excellent day of training the legs for cycling. 

Thursday, March 5, 2015


I'm always realizing things, always noticing the small stuff. 

While I'm not too shaken by it, the idea of getting little to no support with cycling doesn't wear me down. Often times one can look to family for support and positive uplifting type messages or whatever the hell. I can't exactly say that about my FAM so to speak. I'm  not looking for them to stroke my ego or nothing like that...just a friendly push in the set direction I've chose. Ironic enough my family only seems to point out the bad parts of my aspirations ( are people really this negative?) it makes it to where I almost can't bring up certain topics around them. If I hear one more comment about how I can hit a small pebble and crash, or how I can get "ran over" imma flip. Well not really, prolly just ignore them like I already do lol. As humans we can point out the what if's and the bad spots in life but unless your equally pointing out the positive sides to the what if's, then what's the point? Would one really want to dwell on only the bad? I don't see how many folks even function in a healthy way with that trained form of thinking. 

Aw wells. 

In other news check this.....
I was doing my daily commute home from work but decided to stop by the local garden to sign up for the CSA program (community sustained agriculture) which turned into me leaving with mass amounts of kale,spinach and cilantro amongst other things (for free!). 

As you can tell by the photo, I jammed what I could into an already full backpack and ended up looking like a brush picker on wheels. I told the farmer lady that I would be her riding advertisement which she got a kick out of. So here I am, riding with a massive amount of greens on my back through the neighborhood laughing hysterically as cars drive by wondering "what the hell is this guy doing"? 

Not the common sight to see, unless your in Portland I suppose. Let's face it though...I'm in Kamilche where it's just plain badass and foreign to do the kinda thighs I do lately. 

Like ride a bike with a backpack full of greens. Stopping to tell people I know to sign up for this seasons coming CSA program. I'm a rare breed. At least out in these parts. 

Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Aight. So naturally I would attribute the frequency in dreams to the pineal gland work I been doing. My whole life I've been notorious for having dreams in which I cannot remember, which always convinced me that I hadn't dreamt in the first place. 

Last nights dream tormented me for hours. Seemingly unable to move, I hung from the ledge of a skyscraper for hours it seemed. The disturbing part is how I seemed to drift in a out of conciousnous the entire night. 

All in all, the dream lead to a horrible yet revealing nights of sleep. 

I told myself I would document these little things as long as I will actively continue to decalcify. 

Thursday, February 26, 2015


As I type this, I'm about 9 percent into my 2000 mile mark. At times its tough to find the free time to rack the miles up. No matter what,  I'm satisfied with the current progress. Along with keeping the training rides "local" to ensure personal safety and comfortability. I do however acknowledge the benefit of taking new unseen routes and new dead-end type roads. 

Got invited to a hike in Lapush territory, I accepted. 

Kinda been craving a mountain bike ride lately. 

I hardly even think about music. 

These are the thoughts right now.