Wax that

Wax that

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Rap Is a Circus and We Hope the Elephants Trample Everybody

Ayo, this entire project is flames.

I am in a J-Zone lol.

This kinda stuff is the stuff that I think everyday, just don't say it out loud.

Thanks Zone for that.

speaking for us

Friday, January 20, 2017

Updates are good

I'm tired.
long and fullfilling day which I am ready to end.
Had my first whoopsie with GarageBand and the Imac, I left the room for a minute and once the screen fell asleep I came back to find that my vocals were gone!

Gone from the entire CPU, I checked for a while and what I am hearing that this isn't the first time for users.
Apparently this is a bug.

Whatever though, yea it was a great freestyle and yes I could never re-create the vibe ever again but what was I suppossed to do? Was I gonna sulk and slouch the whole rest of the day?

What I ended up doing was what anybody would do, I re did the song.

I am happy with the end result, I will say that.

2017 has been a learning experience already.
I am learning things about my own style and urges to do things against the current.
Things are flowing very easily in my music world.
I have a long season in front of me, so we will continue to chip away at this new segment which I have been calling Situational Awareness.

This has to do with me creating in an atmosphere that is fluid as the approach itself.
The recording I am doing is very busy behind the music, I've got foosteps..knocking...phone sounds all going off in tiny spurts. While the recorder picks up everything.

Lotta extra noise that would not fly in a big production studio no way.

But when I'm doing it, the non musical sounds in the backround actually become the music and give my overall recording flavor. That is what I am learning.

Lo-fi has flavor.

I have known this forever, It's just that I am messing with the different levels of the flavor.
See how far I can take it.

I've made songs to where accomplished engineers where giving me mixing props, so I should feel I have the confidence to do these left field moves I'm into right now.

Of all of my sounds...To me, the Month of Mae series...in headphones are the most enjoyable of listening for for me.

There are so many textures that my ears where constantly being tested and teased.

That is the way.

To hear music.

Shouts to HomeboySandmans sister who is a phenomenal artist and to KoreatownOddity who inspires me to keep it raw, and the essence.

You two made my day today.


Gonna chop it up with the homie Pete, crushing fools.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Elvis Dash 2017

The homie at a show told me that I was doing ''mid-life crisis'' things by cycling from Seattle to Portand and switching up the diet etc..

I was right there to correct him when he was done though.

I told him how it was more of an issue of me simply doing more of what I always wanted to do.
I've always had goals and aspirations, that I've keep under the surface, unseen.
Now that I'm unveiling these things that were so near to me, Its possible to hit close ones to me, off guard.

I signed up for a 5k run [3.0 miles] as an example this morning.
Something that I have never done, far as events go, and did very well.

I heard the other day that in order to get things that you've never had, you must do things you've never done. 

I like to think that I am living out that quote with everything that I do lately.

This post was just a reminder to myself to continue to suprise myself and others with new goals and accomplishments.

and all forms of success!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

31 year old Capricorn

Happy 31 to myself.

Folks are sending love which an artist like me always needs.

The BlabberMouth is being played by friends and fam and the thumbs up from them is a sign of success for me.

A reminder for why I do this stuff called ''art''

look at me.

Im fit.

Gonna take my skinny body and run 3 niles for the sheer hell of it.

My athletic joyrides are another persons punishment.

Thats the level I'm on these days.

What to do this year?

I have new goals....Maybe a half marathon is something to work towards. My body is constantly in need of ''new.''

I been a slave to my own energy for quite some time now, just doing what my body tells me to do, I don't even argue with it anymore.

It's a life that I embrace though.

To the elder gods that are checking on me....how am I doing?

Am I too left for you yet? or do you still fux with the Dali'?

I kinda need to know.  And what will ''Situaational Awareness" do to these cats?

Cuz right now in these Imac speakers, This project is sounding lo-fi and buttery as hell.

Forget butter, this shits coconut oil lol.....later ya'll, I really do love the love.

Friday, January 6, 2017

In production....

Ever since I've acquired the apple. Things are in full swing. 
It's neat how a new piece of gear can really help to steer a new direction. 
Allow the machine to allow you to manipulate it. 
This could be a mantra. 
The new direction I'm in is almost sonically comparable to radio. 
I'm talking like old 50's radio. 
Lots of fuzz and deliberate static, peaking etc. 
I enjoy not attracting certain groups with something simple as a sound change. 
Folks will listen sure, but I think I can even shake my most faithful listeners. 
Long as I keep letting these machines follow my creative commands and demands. 
The sweetest samples have been showing themselves to me too. 
Lots of breaking new ground over here. 
It's fun being a spectator of your own creations. 
As I'm more interested in methods and techniques then perhaps the finished work. 

4 songs deep into what I'm calling "situational awareness."
I'm letting this joint write itself. 
Expect very direct yet fluid delivery. 
 Medium to fast ears will be required for this one. 
Though it's early, watch the replay value of these cuts. 
Even the traditional "verse, chorus,verse" format will help ears adjust easy. 
All my beats. 


I'm only rapping over my own production this year. 

That is all. 

And I can be very disclipined too. 

Pete? Your gonna rap this year right?!