Wax that

Wax that

Sunday, July 13, 2014


Call it lonely, call it the result of MaeAlom Pt.3, call it psychic ability.

I just burst into tears while watering the garden, but for what? Who the hell knows why, either someone has died and I caught vibes, or the song I was playing was so powerful it hurled me into tears.

speaking of that....hold on.......http://www.4shared.com/folder/pDiRe4LQ/MaeAlom.html

Im new to this share stuff so click and do whatever it says to.

I can't explain the tears although its obvious Im starting to miss the family more then I have this entire month. Found myself looking at a lot of family pictures and things...really wanting Patricia. I've done my best as far as creative output since the journey has started but yo....today, I don't wanna do much, prolly just need to write for a change. Writing has been a not so important thing to me lately, I simply have been painting, painting and speaking is the best way to put it. Still...Im surrounded by at least 3 unfinished pieces and its kinda annoying that I can allow them to sit like this, basically waiting for finality. Who knows if they will ever get done, Not like I dont have tons of unfinished goods.

Now about that above link, Its MaeAlom..the project I wrote against rather non typical production from a clouder named Tepalom. I should say that the beats aren't non typical...you just ain't heard me over things like this. The project is short and powerful. The lyrics are honest and layered like no other.

I can say this batch of songs have serious replay value.

Where are my friends? do I have friends? lol...course I do, they just living is all, I won't bother them with my things, way I think is....If you care, you shall discover on your own what it is Im up to.

There isnt a soul outside to be seen on this summer day.

I can't call it.


Tuesday, July 8, 2014


I'm at a level and point of comfort that I would have paid for back in the day.
Dealing with facts that I need to continue to display things has in a way forced me into some sorta zone or distant place.

I like what's it's done though. I'm not complaining. .but I am finally entertaining myself. Back then "TREES" couldn't even do that.

I'm just in love with lo fidelity. It gives emotion and it gives underlying tones to the listener. Last night was dope just playing old cuts through the turntable speaker. Made me love myself again.

There's not a stop in my art production and I'm really wanting my paintings back from tacoma. Ever NOT seen your kids in a while?
It's hard to place these feelings on others when they don't understand it. I'm evolving but I'm still human. Just like you.

So I make.
I create.

Replenish is a colorful word .

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Week number whatever

Still home alone. Family still in Canada.

I'm Aiight though. I don't eat like I should but there isn't a usual hunger inside of me lately.

Done 2 paintings...numerous recordings...and a healthy amount of bike riding.

Satisfying stuff.

I'm gonna order some clubs for the oldest son and allow myself to let loose tonight.

Letting the hair down tonight.


Thursday, June 26, 2014

Like that

I was told the other day by someone online that I have a "pro" grade flow and that I needed beats to match.

That is all.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Paddle to Bella Bella

The women and the two boys head for Canada today.
I wouldn't want it any other way despite the lonely feelings that come up after they leave.
Thing is...this is their culture.

I adore Native American culture. I'm around it every day. But this, the journey, is a very concentrated form of such culture. It's very real to me and my fiancée and I will always support her going...Even more with the kids.


I'm a worker bee. I'm a painter. A music maker.

I'll pull one year...just not this one


I got tickets to black milk. Who's coming with me?

In other news, the homie wants me to write a song about fatherhood.

Uhh...let's see...that should be fairly easy considering my current situation :)

Like yeah!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Welp. The kids 1 year old now.

He's been involved with the studio already..few vocal takes...familiarity will set in.

I'm still breathing and sitting whenever I can. Careful not to assume things or even get emotionally distracted. 

I'm getting busy as all hell on this a walking trip page...Shits like whoop whoop.

Michael is truly disciplined in the arts yo. Damn

Monday, June 2, 2014

Like we always do.

First off.

My mouth is healed nearly 100%...been going to the dentist like crazy to make up for not going in at least a decade.

After multiple extractions

My voice has changed....I'm certain of it.
And with prescription pills to blame..my brain has changed equally.

Energetic and irritable describe me best when I'm on these things...my perceptions twisted but I can handle myself like this.

(Changes topic)

A funny observation with my music is that when it's full blown my style...it's too much for yall...like I've seen people literally walk away, like they can't handle it. Month of Mae was toned down just for people like yall that want purity and wisdom. ..but now even the freestyles are over your dome..what to do?

Absolutely nothing.

I'm 7 songs into my new series and I'm in full stride to mess with brains. I'm not slowing down for anybody. I don't even care if you were a hot chick and wanted me to do it your way. Even model material women ain't getting what they want.

Now that's discipline.