Wax that

Wax that

Monday, December 14, 2015

Haggard beanz.

Yo. Beanz I love you. Hurry up yo. I got a book waiting for you. These beats you speak of.....let them be ate....by Dali

For the record. Things are moving. Yall just don't get to see the moves themselves. There is action out this way though. Don't doubt.

And yea. Still debating on doing blabber this next year. It would make that BB5 for the ones that have really kept track.

Speaking of keeping tracks.....yall even on blogger like that? Doubt it

Saturday, November 28, 2015

word yo?

my fingers yo, they there.
its the zone for some, for others its a dream.
sound will make sure yall don't forget.
him at least;
Tacoma, you son of a....you got me in a downtown mirage and shit right now.

Dali's happy about seeing elder god Wojack by the way, Im waiting for the green light on my end.
I hope not to suck them into the labyrinth of Dali'ism, I can see forward and honestly will put strong
energy towards this goal.

Its mad early for most of ya'll, I'm making beats on the kitchen counter and riding the online shit wave of information with hawaiian flair and grace.

not even going to ride this weekend yo, well.maybe..

Monday, November 16, 2015

The warren g show was seriously one for the books. After sneaking in through the back door which led to the stage, it was on. 

After the set from almond roca. I was immediately greeted by mass different types of people. Hood cats. Middle Aged white folks, country cats. All sorts. 

The main thing is that the people who met me off stage were very impressed by my words and my verse especially. 

This made me feel like a champion. I realize the importance of practice and repetition in music. So it wouldn't be fair if I said that I diddnt expect to wow people over. I was purely in the zone! 

It's days later and I'm still basking in the feel good energy of that night despite the off put vibes of the door security lady and man. They just had it out for a cat like
Me. Indeed I did things like the old hip hop days. Do what you have to in order to rip mics. Pull the plug and jet!

And to the random bunch of white ladies who surrounded me....some loving me...others not. I appreciate the conversations and the humble opinions of your critiques and love. I like talking to the people! Finding out the really real from them. I was the only one that night who seemed to break what almond roca is about to the people. The set did this too but having the back and forth talk with the smokers outside was just awesome stuff. Glad I was "kicked out" in the end. I don't think I would have met those fine ladies. 

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Show day

sloppy weather of a morning, would make the most easily angred soul complain, but I havent let it bother me.

today marks the day of a memorial for my fathers father [poppa] so the mood is something that I cant describe too well right now. Laughing Buddha in the system.

The fact that I might not even make the event says another thing, but moving forward.

Im sure I will make it.

The bike has been the one tool that Ive used to maintain my fitness and possibly even my levels of happiness, I did let it get to that certain extreme by choice. I still cannot find the downside to my latest love. We still believe in enegy and vibes over this way so things are going as programmed so to speak.

Im always trying to inspire my friends and fam. just because they do not notice such does not mean that the energy isnt being expelled.

writing is blah on this herb, just for the record.

sun ra is sure pleasing though.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Almond roca

It's cool to hear my self say that I made beats for some good emcees. And now they are opening for a guy like warren. The brainchild of a project was thought of by y'all "im just the roux" just like you said wall. It's humbling to hear my beats in a venue. I stand there like a proud parent listening to his beats (children) 

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

I came to the conclusion yesterday night that "rap wise" everything that encompasses the stereotypical "real" shit, has been said by the many hip hop elders before us. 

Therefore. It's up to me to continue flipping words in ways that I haven't heard them. This is what Dalis style truly is. 

An ever evolving technique of syllable arrangement and rarely touched upon song concepts and directions.