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My body is a creative vessel used to create.
Im an open minded lefty with neat penmanship and unorthodox skill in various things.
Im very humble and polite perhaps to a fault.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Something I do not normally do.

Super sad, Sunday is here, this day makes the Hess Bakery and Deli closed today.
I wanted to make it there just one more time before I left here, back to the Rez.
It has been a serious joy being able to fall back here at unc's house.
Sleeping in...nerding out on video playing.
Amost a mini vacation yo.

Remy ma is making sound waves crash. I caught a little of it yesterday.
Things were said that technically aren't even a suprise so I don't feel the diss has true shock value.
What I do feel is that the song had the power of being a good old fashioned call out.
Even in the workplace, calling another person out is them.
Folks can't handle the direct-ness of it, we are soft, as a humanity.

I got phlegm ya'll.

This shit needs to go away.

second hand smoke is a first hand burden.

Very happy to be in a cleaner air enviroment later. 

I've kinda morphed into a super health diva over the years.

This painting can kind of describe my weekend here in Lakewood.
No shots.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Live from Chocolate city.

I am officially out here. posted like a thumb tack.
With some bavarian food in the belly, I am very satisfied and eager.
Eager for something that I can't identify yet.
It's a wave of energy that I can feel.

My head is a bit cloudy though.
I'm staying at my uncle's house and I got a bit carried away last night.
Living his version of life instead of my own preferred version.
This morning, I woke with a headache and had to run it off...
easy fix.
Now, I am nursing a very satisfying apple kombucha.
Fuck toxins yo.
I'm surrounded by them and I feel like I am under attack.

All out warfare.


Swizz and Blaze basically did what I want to do, did want to do.
I appreciate the epic display you two.

I don't really need to say anything more.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Astrud Gilberto - Beach Samba - 1967 - Full Album

Gosh Astrud, I am sprung

Cover art finally.

Look who's getting it in over here.

I can add cover art designer to the resume' but remember what I said about names and titles.
Just be dope at what you do and the rest will fall into place.

like this dude Cambatta.
I would smoke weed and do shrooms with him in a minute.

I fly fairly straight these days and his music can actually get a nigga high. 
I felt that shit.

Im over here batching projects up, generating covers for them.
One day ya'll will get some download links in a nice neat list on the side of these written posts.


Why do I want to quit after hearing this?


'via Blog this'

holy hell, wasnt't DMT enough?? damn C. your the best!

Rayz was right yo.

Hookie style


I find that I like this new music. I really do enjoy this 2017 run this far.

Dynamic listening is a tough game. Your brain expcects things to be a certain way when you play a project right?

 Well, what if you had a project where sonically you could not predict what was next?
Would that be enjoyable as the predictable joint?
 My music for example has not catered to any ''rules'' this far besides the verse hook verse format and even I managed to drift from that often.
Sound wise, I'm everywhere. I can blame it on not enough time or experiments, or even young age in mixing.
Instead of trying to figure out that kinda thing, I just keep creating. 
I told the homie to create and let the other folks label and interpret.
I must practice what I preach right?

All that I know is that ''Pace" is such a short and powerful journey that I already feel that it will be judged and slept on.
I feel that the mixing, though done intentional will be overlooked and discarded for having a non-radio sound, though I consider this project to be fairly clean in comparison to the last few weeks of uploads.

Im a lo-fi nut, a junkie. 
Hi-fi is easy to get tired of, its plastic and shiny.
Lo-fi is like a piece of drift wood, worn and full of untold stories of how it go to the shape that it's in.
What if I'm over here trying the impossible of marrying both [fi's] together.

That's what it feels like these days.

like an audio world war. 
all smack dab in the middle of my creative space.


Do not sleep on ''Pace''

the timing of this project, the concept, the content, is so important that as a listener of me....You must understand it to move forward with my future joints.

If you have a hard time with ''Pace", how in the fuck are you gonna be prepared for Month of Mae?

I'm lucky to hear Month of Mae before it even comes out and its the audio form of a bully.
Unrelentless, unforgiving, and very forcefull.

The kind of pure concentrate juice that will not be dilluted for easy intake.
Shit might even push people away.
For the long term listeners, it will intrigue and draw you closer.

I miss my Tacoma collective, but am aware that I sort of outgrew what they expect of me.
Told ya'll I was unconventional.
I don't lie about stuff like that.


Sunday, February 19, 2017


I realized,

New idea about why I do not watch or cling to basketball like I had used to.
Sort of depressed that It has taken me this long to realize that I stopped seeing the fire flame in the modern ball players eyes. Folks compete at high levels, I'm not saying that..I'm over here buggin' out from not seeing ''stone'' stoic game faces. The buisness face, game face, one that I see in cycling but not basketball anymore face. Maybe everybody is cool with each other these days. Close friends that hang out during off season and put the ''job'' aside. I'm checkin in to see where folks are at only to find out that Basketball has some wrinkles on it. 

Ya man has been playing ball now for the last two weeks, 2-3 days a week and it's fun like it used to be for me. The only thing I truly did back then was shoot hoops and dribble. Cycling stole that away from me a few 3 years ago. Despite knowing that one day I won't cycle or play ball shouldn't fuck me up too bad, knowing that I had impressive endurance legs for pedalling, and a wicked jumpshot for nailing 3 pointers.

All that I'm saying is that I still get that feeling of ''Damn, that coulda been me on that T.V.''

Had I gave a greater interest in such. 


I'm so torn as both writer and athlete. On some days  I think that music stole everything from under me, leaving me to be only focused on that and that only. Other days I feel like a pretend ''rapper'' who wasn't a natural and is skillfull from having ''figured'' out the formula in my own little nerdy way. Feeling that way because I ride bikes or whatever, or would rather write about running or muscle recovery. 

Don't think too hard about it. We are human with multiple desires and capabilities. The world is getting crazy with the labels and the need for them..

At the end of the day, when you get bent up on labels like "I'm a cyclist", or ''I'm a rapper", you just wasting time. DO what you do and be good at that shit.
I could kill you with how much things I am good at and could give you a 100 title's of shit I could be called. It's dumb.

Just be a human and do your shit.