Wednesday, May 24, 2017

What's next?

First off. Lemme say this.

Excercise is a form a protest.

Secondly. Month of Mae was a success to those that were tuned in.
I'm basically a satisfied individual seeing as how this month proved that I can make heat in the form of a song plain old faster then y'all.

No brag. Just a fact.

Facts aren't "in" these days. Whatever. You don't have to believe me but your still wrong.

I'm smirking while writing this because I lied to you all.
Even myself.

I said that I was only going to rap to my own production this year.

I'm also one to go with gut instinct and my gut tells me to go to V Don.
V Don makes to me what this new era sounds like, mixed with the ear of a boombap baby.
The samples are there...check. ....the grit is there...check....the drums are heavy at times.

It's just.....the people I hear on his stuff just don't do the soundscapes justice.

The exception is Cambatta. I love him.
I've actually been very much into this man and I've formed a love for him similar to Canibus.
My love for uncompromising lyricism is stronger then ever.


If it wasn't for C Rayz. I prolly wouldn't even know dude. I love C Rayz for showing us the path.

I've begun writing. After a month of freestyling, writing actually feels like a refreshing thing to do.

I'm gonna squeak out this project on y'all while your distracted by the sun.

Summer time is a good distraction yes?

I cut this month short because I've said all that I needed to. Simple.

I can't help that I've become this efficient with music.


I'm possessed by V.

If I think hard I can say that it's been 5 months this year and I've given you 4 projects.

Basically I'm the ruler of NW music right now. Whose keeping up with me really?

Prove me wrong.

I'll wait.

Till then. Imma lay in the V.

It's gonna be fun doing what you do better then you can.

All while on the humble.


Wednesday, May 10, 2017


So today can be known as a historic day ya'll.
As non-serious as I take social media platforms, I get to sit here happy knowing I got some legends.
Legends are following me.
Are they listening?
Does my recent freestyle frenzy reflect poorly?

I cannot even allow myself to think like that.
Those questions are what the typical rapper would think.
[the impressing factor]

I don't have to worry about that.
You see
What allows me to continue is that I simply continue.
I do not worry myself of things I once did before.

 I used to be one to question my progress as a rapper.
The technical aspect of it first and foremost.
That very thing is what drew me in as a youth.

These days, I can ''relax'' knowing I did the work.
There is always work to be done and I wasn't implying ''relax'' as in rest.
Me relaxing means that my technique is there.
The style is there, the cadence...all purposeful.

With age comes refinement.
Certain things have an ability to age beautifully...get iller.
I would like to think a writer would evolve that way.
A rapper. Street Poet.

Followed by legends ya'll.
2 different platforms.
What drew these legends in?
Was it my subconscious telling them to aknowledge me?

Either way...a good time.

I really hope that MonthOfMae is doing anything for anyone.
It takes a honorable amount of energy to do this every month.
Like I said.
If you can do better...then try it!

I will faithfully listen to your daily journal every day.

Till then...enjoy the ramble therapy.

My mood is fantastic!
random shot of me @Mt.Ellinor

Saturday, May 6, 2017


Yo, Month of Mae is underway, lemme make this clear.
You will find out things with this project that you diddn't know before.
In my opinion, the beats will get better by the day also.
Month of Mae is a progression as time passes, you get better performance.
I am here to say that I like this month so far, the weather is a tad better then I expected.
I hope the nice weather will contrast the music.
I cannot lie though. This project was meant for a few rainy days.
It is May so we shall see.

Cycling month has all cyclists chomping at the bit for mileage.
All around action this side of the world.

And shouts to a very special person who decided to crush a marathon barrier recently.

Though you diddn't get a sub 2, you fucking did what these scientists called ''improbable.''

That's a win in my book.


Saturday, April 22, 2017

After a dream.

I was told that one only dreams if he/she wants to dream.
This idea comes from old civilizations.
This idea shows the power of ones mind once again.

Today I wake up and want to lounge in a way.
Yesterday had a way of bringing all humans outdoors and today I need to balance that out by staying inside I guess. I got to forge a hopefully decent relationship with an old german lady yesterday.
I hope this sticks. I'd like to believe that I could have her baking me and the fam ''bee sting'' cake in the near future. Writing hasn't captivated me like usual lately. There has to be a reason for that but I'm not worried. I just want May here already.

I'm used to uploading cuts on the cloud too often to chill like this.

I threw two new beats up though to make myself feel a little better.

See em.

I'm gonna hurry up and relax..

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Quick min

Morning people.

I have a sample, a kraut sample...German things.
It may have been stepped on before but I have a feeling Kendrick has you distracted at the moment.
Rightfully so.
So pardon my chopping earth.
I enjoy being able to hover below the rap radar, small as the radar of local music is.

I must admit

Breath of Wild Zelda has been taking some time outta me so pardon.

Today though

I'm back on the off white MP.
The power is on as we type, Jazz drums loaded.

So what will happen when you load Jazz drums for a Rock sample?

That's everyday for me with this beat shit, the ''what will happen shit?''

I copped a vintage Akai multitrack a few weekends ago but you don't need to see that.

So....minutes passing....what now.....

ahh yea, I got an amazing comment on SoundCloud the other day, on production.

Am I really a beat head?

Sometimes I feel like a fake and then I hear things that go against those feelings.
Why do I allow you to tell me what I am though?

Do I need that? 

In a way I do.

Something about the growing isn't a bad thing, just a thing.

Spring is here and today is gorgeous, technically I should be outside when it looks like the way it does right now. I will be indoors though.

Feel like I can't let you get a minute on me.

I will remain the creative force of NW underground.

Even if my real life presence is small according to you, I still have a presence regardless so....

Online of in the streets, you WILL see me or hear me, and I always rep NW.

Shouts to ETC.

Out to chop now....later

Monday, April 10, 2017


Talking to the lady friend during lunch about how I got to rock a show this weekend.
She begins to tell me that her dude used to do music with "a group of people" but then he quit.

I told her that maybe he was just toying around with it for him to up and quit like that.

She tells me that she was starting to worry about what she got herself into.

Apparently she may have had a hand in him quitting music.

I say what?

Holy fuck.

I told her how I had the same kinda girl and I got together EXCEPT.
 I did music and I continue to do music till this day. My lady has never forced me to quit music or even feel like she was endangered by something like HipHop.

Same but different. I don't quit what I love. I don't quit what is medicinal and magical.

Joann is fucking tripping. Her fear of HipHop is wack and her power over her man is laughable.

I love Patricia even more after talking to J.  She would never tell me to stop music. I'm good at it and on top of that, I uplift folks with it.

HipHop is beautiful and many men would rather marry music then a female any day.

Vagina should not come between a man and his creations.

 Not talking about kids either.

Your partner should help your goals and skills out.

Not cut them off.

That's just pure naughty. Timeout J. Timeout.

Sunday, April 9, 2017


After the show notes...

Just as I predicted, My verse got someones attention.
I was met outside by another performer who walked up and complimented my verse.
The Almond Roca verse I do is very potent like I said.

Felt very very good to see Josh after all this time. His presence is always a strong one for me, and his aura is very HipHop when you see him.
Josh makes me wanna wear Pumas more.
Oh yea, and I got Awall hooked on Grosch beer.

Listening to these beats of mine and deciding if I should share or not.
Yea most of them have been had by me but that ain't mean the homies can't have some too.

I was offered one time to run a train and I disgustingly declined.

With music it is damn near the same so the factor of sharing always wears heavy on me.
Course we all share each other in a way.
Still, these beats are reluctant to be taken advantage of..bad enough what I've already done with them.
Both subconsciously and non.
These could half way be some easy listening vinyl type stuff.
Getting more confident with production and mixing is very important to me.
This phase of my creative life is really a vital one.

Cool to love yourself
Even cooler to inspire yourself and not regret your actions!

Happy Paris Roubaix to my cycling nerds.

We out here.


Hell of the NW lol.

Friday, April 7, 2017

before the show

And just like that, I get to spit.

Finna head to Olympia and catch my kind of wreck.

The fam can't really support like the old days so it's me and the female.

Almond Roca will and should turn it out.

I don't mind putting on the rapper hat and playing emcee, it isn't a game and on top of that, I have a very nice hat to wear tonight.

Word to the city of destiny, I will show up and I will do the do.

The most enjoyable aspect of tonight will be me getting to hear my own beats play in the loud venue speakers.

Oh what a feeling.

Feel bad that you will miss out.

Shucks & Bummers.

Damn I hope Whikkid arrives.

Now off I go to find this dudes number. Turns out he designs shirts and I have some ideas.


Sunday, April 2, 2017

Morning Boss!

Starting off, music quality does not lie in the selection of drum kits.
Not entirely.
What matters most is the content.

Spring is official, the birds, the sun rise..all of that.
Getting bike rides in feels like breathing again.
I used to tally miles every month but quit this year due to weather.
Sad, not even breaking 500 miles yet, this year.
I feel fit...though soft.
My ''trainer'' pops in my head when I think of that kinda stuff.
She'd be all over me about that.

Music music.
All that I did was get in a good groove yesterday morning.
Put myself in a bit of awe really.
Did I do that shit? Off the top!?
I am in form, despite being cycle deprived.
Obviously one to ride the wave, I plan on having another morning like yesterday.

Catch Almond Roca in Olympia on April 7th, @LeVouyer.
Catch +Michael Roberts there rapping the hell out a very special verse.
It's only 16 bars but that verse has gotten me praise literally every fucking time I've said it.
This one cat that had never been to a show before was won over by my verse.
The kicker was, he wasn't a HipHop guy.
When you affect people in this kinda way, it would seem selfish to simply ''stay inside."

I think that about covers this morning.
Off to record.

And people, stop defending poor quality stuff that goes against the current of your soul.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Rapha | Rapha Seattle

Rapha | Rapha Seattle:

Stupid jealous of Seattle town. though I'm not too far away I may not be able to enjoy it so much as a true seattlelite cyclist will.

I'll be lucky to hit the grand opening.

Either way, it's a win for the NW.

Portland got a clubhouse too so it's getting real out here.


Dropped a bomb on you this morning, check me on the cloud.
Just look at me as the misfit of Tacoma.

Kinda wack that I technically had to move away but I still carry the city in my heart.
I defend the city more then I care to prove.

I got a glimpse into what music is getting out to the masses.
Everything sounds the same...still.
How long do I have to ride out this wave?
It's very non-stimulating.
You know when you over-indulge in sex until it's starts to loose its luster?
Yes, that is a thing and yes it is happening with music right now.
Pop music and HipHop are sleeping together now, so there's that.

I can be fairly flexible though I have to admit that I am having a hard time accepting these times.

I seen it coming miles away.

Just feeling like I need to go on a bike ride with some beats on and just detox my ears from some of this stuff I've heard earlier.
Dope is dope, but once your dope starts to sound and taste like everyones else's dope, what is the point?

Fucking rap McDonalds these days.
Rap Starbucks.

Seen everywhere and entirely overated.

Go to the local coffeehouse [local shows] you idiots, stop supporting the machines..least for a sec.

Yea I have a Nike hat on but I have a small village made shirt on too.
It's about balance.
Yin Yang your life people.

What's next?

First off. Lemme say this. Excercise is a form a protest. Secondly. Month of Mae was a success to those that were tuned in. I'm ba...