Saturday, September 16, 2017

Don't upset me

Ok Madlib.

Way to get me in trouble with the lady, or did I do that.

Aww well. Guess this joint is off limits.


The hell?

I am not depressed. That is one thing I must make clear.
Actually to keep it very real, haven't been this happy in a long time.
If my art sounds sad or depressing, I ask you to listen again.
Dropping jewels is a hobby and a lifestyle.
Certain things will get brought up as a result of reflection, theoretical or not.
Using life moments as a muse for writing is standard for artistry, so I can't say that I am breaking the mold in any way by covering real life topics and day to day scenarios.

Blame Dali'.
I told you all over lots of songs that subconscious babble would get me into hot water.
Is there any love for being a vessel that messages stream through?

All I do is what I am told, in the form of creative impulse.
Crazy how people think that I am in control of this music making.
Like creative forces don't control me.
Don't get me wrong, sometimes I get cocky and feel like I have music by the horns but in the end, I have no control over what comes over me. Such is the price to pay for letting the auto-writing style take the drivers seat.
Do people free write these days?

Sounds so wack to say that if I rapped about things I diddn't own [cars, jewelry, etc.] that my art would be less incriminating.
It's just very important to write down that art and the word compromise should never be in the same sentence, unless the sentence is as follows,

''I will not compromise my art for the sake of anyone or anything."

Free speech anyone?

Reality rap gets a bad wrap.
Truth is awkward at times but beautifully see through.

Learn to appreciate real in this land of augmented reality.

In a perfect world I would be making beats right now. I most likely will anyways.
You guys have had it easy not having me with my foot on your necks.

I am a musically persistent person.

Now go create dammit!

Inspire me already. Or not.

I can always pull energy from myself if need be. Sort of like the sun does.

Happy Weekend.

Monday, September 11, 2017

notes from a guy

Getting used to stock piling writtens is a hard thing to do for me to do.
I wanted to come home and record but instead I grabbed a porter and a johnny walker black.

Maybe I just need to stock these raps.
I can't stand not making beats these days either.


Gone are the days that my producer homies would drop gift packages in the form of an email.

They want all the hot beats to themselvses huh....

Now I sound needy.

I have everything at my disposal yet something is holding me back.
Is it timing?

Could be that I am trying to force/rush something that needs to marinate more.

Just a guess.

I know what it could be....Maybe I want Cambatta to drop. Inspiration would do it. that's it.
No one is spitting enough to provoke me to go in.

Real Life had a verse that peaked my radar. I need more of that though. Skrilla.


Imma drink these suds and contemplate my position in Washington music.

What up Big Sok?!

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Always about rap

Entertaining myself these days with the written word.
Then again, do I ever stop?

After some tinkering, my sound for Steamboat will be simple.
Friendly to your ears, loving of your ears.
The sound will be clear and relaxed.
The sound that I want this new music to convey is my sastisfaction with myself and the things that I have done. I want to sound accomplished.

I need to confront my accomplishments daily.
It can be easy to forget what I have done, both on the mic/beats and with family life.
I feel less current than my peers but yet, I know that I am on the cutting edge of living a simple life.
I am very good at keeping things simple.
To master the simple, now thats a respectable craft.

Over complicating things in my youth led me to places that I could have passed on had I known better.

Simple is what will have you perplexed for years to come.
Funny how simple things come across as complex. To some.
No buyers remorse on the house either. This shit was meant yo.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Poetry from a rapper.

With open eyes, The light lays its rays upon our shells.
Summer wants to live forever these days.
These days are the same. Least on the outside.
A long hot blur.
Nature sounds for earth's backround music.
Man made audio fighting for attention of receptive canals.
Relaxed animals and humans decorate the landscapes.


Now imagine me freaking the word like that on you everyday.
I can say that I am a poet. street poet or forest poet..townsman or city walker......
whatever title, there will be a poet attatched to that shit.
As these moving boxes empty around me I can feel the creative coming.
Last night the dusty speakers were wired for sound and that felt good.
What felt good, was knowing that I am mad close to having a creative space to record again.
Then again, every space that I occupy can be considered a creative space.
Out here the energy is strong though, I can reach my hand in the air and snatch a chunk of ''it''
whenever I please now.
Look at me. I sold out.
Living out here in Northwestern Paradise.
If this house was on acerage, it would only enhance the majestic vibes.

I don't know if I have ever been the ''I need land'' type though.
Neighbors are just there. Just cause you live in close proximity to a person, never meant that
you really have to interact all the time.
Besides, my new neighbors seem kinda hermit style to me. It's really hard not to chalk this area up as being a place where adults get up, go to work..come home eat, and repeat.
No suprise.

Being a homeowner now, means to me that I do not have ''days off'' anymore.
everyday, there is something to do.
I don't mind the work.
I am a tough person.
Cylists are the shit.
I can attest to that.
That's me.