Wax that

Wax that

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Dalis and Disneys.

This is a raw picture y'all. I've had it for almost a year. 
I got it from Joe. Joe is head of the Dali estate. 

If ever my funds are quadruple of what they are now...Joe is how I will cop
The authentic Dali pieces. 

Dali believed that the human eye should be considered a sex organ. 
Any pure artist can attest to this. As they know the understanding of what an "eye" 
can achieve. Eyes to me are the portal of human memories. 
Smells and sounds are powerful as well, but have no business being compared to the eye. 

These are reasons that when I record....I prefer the listener to "see" what I'm saying. 
Very much opposed to only listening. Only then, will you become fully stimulated. And satisfied. 

The main reason behind this picture isn't because both artists collaborated together, it's because both 
were masters of stimulating the eyes. 

Makes you wonder is it better to be seen or heard? 

And as far as first impressions go, which do you choose first? 

Monday, September 26, 2016

post production

Super great weekend with a list of things accomplished yo.
Cut three new joints in the garage lab, got a decent bike ride in yesterday, and met up with the viking.
Just tryna tie up loose ends on my side of the universe.
AS for these beats, pure Surreal fire. Not anything that normal folks are used to, fugg em.

SikkMc rang me the other day with talks on how he wants to come out this way.
I say do it! 
If you wanna be productive and busy, come to my creative space.
There's a peaceful mood here that you prolly cant recreate in the city.
I'm almost certain of it.

I've been re organizing things in the left field production area, realizing how much gear I truly have.
Its funny how folks come here that rap, and then don't come out to the lab...
like I don't have stuff. Stuff for making dope songs, dope beats, whatever.
Hell, you can pull up an easel and paint out here.

guess I miss collabs in a way.

Up to this point, It would be smart to continue making spare time musicals, until further notice.

It dosent matter if I believe it or not, there are artists who want beats of mine.

Time to take care of em.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Classical and HipHop


Ive always and I mean always, have had an ear for classical music. 
Every decent producer has some classical vinyl in the crates. 
When I came across black composers, sorry. When I conceptualized the idea of black composers. 
I blew my top. 

I dig Mozart. Tchaikovsky. Chopin. Stravinsky. But. Joseph. He's an innovator. 
Today I rapped over St. George and I'm still dealing with the aftershock of it. 
200 bars at least. I went IN. As an active surrealist. I felt compelled to rap over classical. 
It just felt right. 
Thing is. Musically I may be the only one I know that can actually do something like that. 
And folks will say, "it's just Mae, that's what he does." 
They kinda right in a way too. 

Dammit local Hiphop. Why do you leave all of the breakthrough moments to me?!
All I do is try to stay creative and open new doors and show you how to invent. 
Meanwhile Tacoma is making Trap MUZIK? 
It's hard being solo but definitely preferred. I wouldn't change it. 
Especially since I stopped smoking....my brain has gotten very snappy. 

From about 2013 till late 2014 I was making mood music. 
These days I'm making to the point songs but using more esoteric concepts. 
My hook game is strong and my vocals are mixed with less bass. On purpose. 
I would really like a new mic because Goldie is plain old..old. But she's kinda all I know. 
I wouldn't mind a Sony though. One day. 

I can't speak for all black people when I say that more people need to research black composers. 
I Just want more exposure for names that were lost in the history books. 
Sometimes I get worried that I'll be a small dot on Washington states music scene. 
Then I consider how much of myself that I've put out there. 
And realize that certain parts of me will never die. 
I'm tired now. Recording took a lot outta me. And the news is ridiculous these days. 
I gotta remain myself. 

Oh yea. Submitted some work to 253rd. A new website that covers local things. 
Mainly just a test to see who curates over that way.  
Just gotta play the waiting game and see if I make the cut. 

Nighty nights. 

Monday, September 19, 2016

What to do?!

Mad vibes today. Rap right away. Lefty but write a way that explemifies wide awake. 
Quiet space to find mistakes. Why lie? Imma great, tell time to wait. 
Remind the bass of my timeless fate, my final resting place is behind the crates. 
Your happiness relies on if the climates fake, quick to judge reality my mind manipulates. 
Appetite for destruction, fix the plates...watch for stipulations my situations instigate. 
Different race other then white, you can sense the hate. 
All humankind are brothers and sisters...hence relate. 
Every reference that I relay is decay. Leeway is given like moods my self esteem made. 
Brief page as a way to release rage. Full briefcase of pages till ink fades. 

Bounds and leaps of a sound unique. Forever indebted to a proper etiquette fetish.
 Relish in the thoughts of incredulous benevolence. 
Never ever trusted what my enemies represent. 
Keep secret the extent of the excellence 
Healthy foundations help if you invest a wish. 
Collect my body of work and measure the wit. 
Deep like an iceberg when you sever the tip. 
Multitasking watch this peddler spit, all my known contraptions make my predators sick. 
Puzzle master make the better words fit, let the letters belong to this clever nerds lips. 
Remain iconic with nein chronic. Electromagnetic current as if my minds on it.
Bloggerbility, leader of the facility.
Fill the streets like rain water, brainstorm soliloquies. 

Ya feeling me?!

Monday, September 12, 2016

Morning y'all.
I been wanting to paint again. Oil paint has been creeping into my mind lately.
The walnut oil, the canvas, the zen process of cleaning brushes...I miss it.
I can say for sure that I had quit painting the day that my wet canvas was touched by my son.
He left a handprint smack dab in the middle and I gave up working that very day.

True shit.
But. He's older now and I'm ready to try again.

The music thing has been amazing though. The August and September months have been dumb productive. I'm sure last night that I hit the 500 mark for songs. That's a lot of ink yo. I still write mainly, though I do have a large collection of freestyles on record.
I been thinking into the future about writing as well. Once I'm "content" with my rap songs, I'll dive into poetry. Not like Hiphop rhymes aren't poetry. I mean the Bukowski style writing. The straight chaser type of writing.

Whenever I get to drinking any sort of alcohol...Bukowski comes to mind. I'm sure he wouldn't be offended by that lol.
But, yo, I can get off some pretty legit rambles when I'm saucy. This last weekend I was generous with the liquids, guess it was sort of a test run. What do ya know. I can still handle the poisons.

Toilet blog over and out!

Let my talents and hobbies show me the directions to take.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016


Morning all.
I'm here this morning and yesterday morning trying to do grown up things.
Trying to make myself appear legit enough to be lent money lol.
Contrary to get rich or die trying's movie scene with 50cent.
Not everybody can buy things with duffel bags of money.

Us regular folk gotta go through the motions of the credit scheme.
Having to earn trust from the big boys.
It's humiliation in the form of hustle. And somehow I have to play?
Whatever though. I've got kids and priorities. And I did actually choose this life.
So no complaining. Just adaptations.

Willy wonka is dead and now I'm sitting here....
Wishing that life was like that movie.
Where good boys earned favor purely by the merit of their intentions.
Is earth like that in even the least bit?
I damn sure hope so.

Far as music goes. I'm still stockpiling writtens.
Waiting on some producer friends to throw a bone or two or three.
I got some wax the other day though. New shits.
So maybe I should plug in the machines and just have at it.
It's funny how I can act needy but be a totally self sufficient artist.
In every sense of the word too!!

Guess that I got used to being catered too all these years.
Back then. A nigga couldn't get a beat.
Now I've got folks all over the world sending me joints. Sending offers.
Wanting me to wreck they stuff.
Makes me seem spoiled.
I was listening to "ode to sound" this morning and thinking back.
Thinking when I was creating my "own" genre and sounds, only to fall back.
I have no clue why I would fall back with that kinda momentum I had going.

The thing is. I can make beats. I can make creative fun beats to listen to.
Stuff that sounds like nothing else I swear.
So what don't I just do the shit?

Some Dali' effervescent button pressin'

Stop acting brand new Mae. You can't fool yourself you know.

Now. Back to trying to achieve credit in the form of plastic.

Fucking plastic.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Swizz and Dali

My gosh. 
I have an undying love for Swizz beatz now, and it's not even about the music. 
I just recently watched an interview where he revealed some of his fine art pieces. 
You could be a piece of shit, but if you own a legit Dali'...you must be respected. 
At least for your taste in art. 
Not saying Swizz is an asshole. 
That's just how much I love Dali', and dude has plenty of Dali'

And Basquait. 
My uncle turned me onto Basquait some years ago. 
Said I remind him of him. Musta been the shy workaholic vibes. 
Shortly after being learned. I began to put references of artists into my writtens. 

Long story short. I get happy when I watch a Hiphop interview and the topic of fine arts comes up. 
Most don't even know the impact that fine art has on music and vice versa. 

To me, music and art are things that need each other. 
In order to achieve true divinity. 

I miss Charles Bukowski today for a reason. And Salvador has some of the best constucted sentences ever in life.