Wax that

Wax that

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Old information highways

Took a trip down memory lane you could say. 
Got to revisit some old blogs...see where my head used to be, lot of drugs and random feelings. 
I could give myself credit for being focused enough to jot feelings and events but fuck that. 
Even on ex tabs I was a sharp cat...id be outta my mind, yet still clicking. I adore that about myself. 
Never fully being able to let go completely. 
Of course it could just be a fear of control....losing control. 

{topic change}

I've lived on squaxin island reservation for 10 years now. I want off this piece of land now. 
I want to live on steamboat. With every fiber of my body I do. These school districts are doing different things these days, the laws are keeping kids from going where they once were going previously. Well I can play back....I can straight up move my family to where we wanna go. That's what I want to do and that's what I will do. I'm putting it into the universe today. You hear me?! 

My kids been going to the Harvard of elementary schools and that shit isn't gonna change dammit. 

That's really all I had to get off my chest. 

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Hump day

I've been on Brasil's jock way before the olympics. 
Casa de forte is my favorite song in life, bossa nova is what my brain sounds like. 
Samba is a legit source of energy and Astrud Gilberto is my vision of a true earth walking goddess. 

So when I heard the homie MikeMyth was chopping a record he had found with a Brazilian groove that was right up my alley- I couldn't stop thinking about how it would sound and feel. 

I'm waiting mad anxious to recieve his email with a magical attachment for me to murk. 
This record musta been the shit because mike said he chopped it 5 times!! 
I don't even care...Ill rip all of those no problem. 

As I wait for this audio therapy I'm doing what is normally hard for me to do which is stockpile songs. 

I believe that when a written isn't spat upon completion...it will begin to loose freshness. 
Not the verse itself, but the way that the verse is delivered. 

Long story short, send those very quick like Mike. Pretty please. 

I know I said I was getting back to mind writing but for my beloved Brasil. 

I will do anything to please the universe. 

Over and out! 

Monday, August 22, 2016


While I don't hate the marijuana lifestyle. I did decide to quit it once I became vegetarian and a cyclist. Basically for the lungs sake. The thing that I do not miss about the plant is the foggyness that it gave. The mental fog. 

The fog is the primary reason for the consumption I'd like to think. The only problem is that on the plant....Id normally roll out of bed as opposed to popping up out of bed. A huge difference when it comes to cyclist training in the early morning. Having been a weed consumer and a quitter, I can easily compare the two lifestyles side by side. I don't hate one and love one. I just know the plus's and minus's of the two. 

I like the new attained sharpness that I have. I've turned into a sort of rap writing machine on top of that, so I'm not complaining  about the output these days. Some days folks around me make smoking again look pretty fuckin attractive. On the other hand, the personal guilt trip that I'd give myself would not be worth the quick drift from a sharper perception.

Who knows if I'll ever smoke again. Being an athlete and an artist combined is a different high all together. Sometime people look at me and wonder if they could be what I'm on lol.

I hope I make being healthy look attractive as it is.

Good little weekend on the bike and on the golf course.

Back to the grind of the factory.

Friday, August 19, 2016


Coffee and a bagel.
woke up today feeling a creative way.
I wanna stay here in the garage and make songs all day.
who knows how possible that will be.

Theres sun creeping out which Im not scared of But,
its getting annoying hear people complain of vitamin D when most of em are lacking it.every fucking body is hiding indoors..fuck it....imma record and go kick a soccer ball with the kids.

I got a bonkers instrumental playing as I type this, I wanna free it but this shit deserves a written for sure. I can spazz on pretty much anything with a bpm but something about Hamilton instrumentals make me go super sayien... just sayin
.I wonder if he likes other rappers pushin up on his babies.

For some reason, lately with recording, Ive been wanting to remove the bass from my voice.
Shits hard! I need to brush up on the eq skills. I was told by a producer from France that the bass in my voice was something that he liked but I myself am getting burnt out on it....prollly just need a new mic..for new sonics. till then Im slicing Db's and turnin knobs to counteract this Barry White[ness] in my throat. 

I got a a stack of writtens to go through and some hungryniggasalad to make in a few.


time to get to work

Thursday, August 18, 2016


Damn yo. Is pho' an aphrodisiac for dreams?
 Lol. Just a relevant thought. 

Sorry Beanz. Or haggard. I hope that I was good enough. 
You wanted a classic and I gave you half gas Dali'
Even 1/4 Dali' could be too much for some so I kept it safe. 
Thing is...I'm so far from the industry that I hardly know it's standards. 
I'm not even sure if Stones Throw have a seperate set of standards either. 
Bottom line, I just hope I wasn't selfish with my own "rules"
The last thing I want is too disappoint Beanz. 
The first time I seen a picture of Beanz online, I straight up thought he was Sun Ra. 
I'd be an asshole to disrespect the sun like that. 
From then on I've never underestimated Beanz's energy. 
He's mega to y'all earth walkers. 
I just hope that I'm not too nerd for him. 
We got an intergalactic space hippie and a geek wallflower lololololol. 
You already know which one I am. 
I'm the one that's tryna be known for making a dead painter....
A DEAD painter, more famous then he already is. 

How fucking square is that? 
It's dope however if you are an art nerd.  
So I've given Beanz like 8 or 9 power verses almost a half year ago. 
Now I'm waiting on a draft of the album. 
It's that simple. 
A more complex way of saying it would go like this. 
Him and I planted some seeds a while back and are waiting for the harvest. 
Dudes carrying a baby and I'm waiting to see if it's boy or girl it quintuplets. 

Shits funny huh..

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

I wanna talk about Tacoma right now. Tacoma and the rap scene. 
I basically got the respect from all of those that I was wanting to. 
So I'm not bothered by not being in the "local limelight"
I live near Olympia now anyways so being in any Tacoma light wouldn't make sense.
As for the cats that ARE in the city.....

Y'all are doing some but not all. 
You also leave it to the elder gods to sustain any real movement
Simply because the younger artist just don't have it.  
You probably care more about your wardrobe then your rhyme book. 
Least that's what the songs show...the lyrics show. 
At this rate...Wojack, Awall & Rizeburg are gonna have to rap for 40 more years. 
That'll be just to balance out the lower grade spitters. 
I could be wrong. 

Remember I am on the outside lookin in. 

On a lighter note, we got niggas out there giving some ill interviews. 
Tacoma rappers are good at interviews. 
I never woulda guessed that shit lol. 
This nigga the other day said "I don't like going to my own shows sometimes" 
Lololololol. That's some shit I'd say. 
I was dead laughing. 
Tacoma music is like a mismatch outfit. 
Wearing jeans with sandals and socks with a dress shirt and a cowboy hat. 
Which you then cover with a bathrobe. 

If y'all complain on not making it big as a city it's because we can't be labeled. 
Our label is no label. 
This makes it hard for companies and businesses to market. 
In a way y'all should be proud of that. 
Shouldn't not being able to fit a box be a good thing? 
To me, that's a pure artists objective in the first place. 
To be outside the box. Not in one. 
Which is what I am as I write this. 

For 10 years now I have been outside of the Tacoma box. 
But that's not to say that I don't record with Tacoma in mind. 
And when I do go back to perform shows,
I treat the venue like a night school. 
Age 30 in an urban city is an old mans age. 
Therefore I've assumed the role as a elder in training. 
If the elder gods have 40 more years. 

I've got 50

And anyone who doesn't believe in the 10,000 hr theory. 

Hasn't done the 10,000 hours. Sraight up and down. 

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

I love writing raps. 
Thing is
I cannot accomplish everything I want through writing. 
Which leads to the ever so important freestyle. 
The aspect of free styling is to me, the very essence of Dali. 
It's no secret that I've applied the paranoid critical method to hip hop. 
Very successfully too. 
As the seasons change yet again 
I will return to my subconscious creative place. 

Earlier this year my brother had told me something great. 
He told me that he couldn't tell if I was free styling or writing anymore. 
Deep down
This is something every real emcee wants to attain. 
The ultimate form of creative expression. 
The simple ability to spit words in the wind 

So this autumn I'm back to my ways. 
Words in the wind. 

I'll see you guys on soundcloud. 
My off the tops carry deeper meaning then some of my writtens ever would. 

That makes them special. 
Don't forget to appreciate things that are special. 
It's good for your soul.