Monday, March 27, 2017


Eyes hurt, a tired bloodshot.
Mass to show for the day though.
Impressive run on the MP.
I got groove that I'm growing into.
The latest joints got bounce.
You can nod your head whichever way you want.
Still catch the groove.
The pocket.
My musicality fucks with my head during moments like this.
A review of the day and the doings.
Did I satisfy the so called creative gods?
Was I too low for some of the joints?

Just know that I have about 11 new instrumentals.
The Tascam has impressive effects settings so there's more potential to unlock.
What a day.
I'm ready to turn in.
The beats are building up nicely, though a nice few hrs to lay some vocals would be great.
Gotta balance out the load.

Interested to hear what I have to say.
Month of Mae should be called Brazilian something.
Just kinda heavy with the South American samples is all.
I am a sucker for certain things.
Being at the mercy of an entire land mass is tough.
Being a creative vessel is another thing.
All I ask is to have more Brazil then ya'll.
It would be silly to claim a ''sound'' or a ''section."
Just stay in the soul and funk sections guys.
Leave the Flora's and the Astrud's to little ol' me.


And I promise to try to find some other wax tomorrow,

#DontTalkToDonJames - Don James - Don't Talk To Don James

Aiight Don, you got it on lock.

Why diddn't I know you made beats?

Is Dali' sleep?

YO, I deserve some flack for this.

I been busy myself so I can't be totally at fault.

Seeing DJ Loop rings bells.

Is Hilltop going through a rebirth?

I have too many questions this morning.

Alls I know is that I got inspired.

A combination of things.

The Mpc has been ''ON''


Hyenna Gang - Love Song (Official Video)

Skirt Digla's voice is fucking gold.

In the local realm of music, we have a few that I take very serious.

I've got these cats on my production, except Ghetto Baby. [This joint isn't mine]

Ghetto once called me ''east coast'' due to a lyrical freestyle I gave him at his old house.

He was only half right about that.

I'm obviously happy to see folks from the town being productive.

Whenever I see elder god Josh, I always bring that topic up.

I say ''How's the city going?"

''Ya'll staying busy?''

Seems a few of them are still in love.

Point noted.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Phantasmagoria | Tinderdust

Phantasmagoria | Tinderdust:

'via Blog this'

I feel that it's fair to give the soundcloud family some love.

This lady.

I can say that I have ''followed'' her for some years now.

We crossed paths due to equal love for avant garde/ surreal things...mainly music.

I fell off the map when I had decided to deactivate facebook.

Obviously put our conversations to an end.

She isn't a cloud surfer anymore?

Um, her and Ora elevated themselves to a higher degree, to me at least.

These are two powerful women and I can get pretty intimidated by them both.

I respect what I am moved by though.

Tinderdust ate veggies and spices way before I took the 'no meat' oath.

She works in mysterious ways yes.

Still a very hidden figure to me, the often times nerdy researcher.

Tinder, you said that I could have what I want back then.

May my offer from you never expire.

This year I'm rocking to myself, my own production.

I was serious about that.

These cuts from her are a bath that I'm familiar with.

Just glad to see them together as a solid project now.


Saturday, March 25, 2017

Hype Generator

For those that give a genuine care, I have two shows lined up in April.
 Showering ya'll with lyrics in April should produce Mae's flowering creativity right?

I'm very eager to see if my product will blossom into my predicted ideas.
Life is frequencies and vibrations, so I must inform people of my current dwelling in sound. {Basically a hint}

In Washington State, it is rainy. {Duh!}
I've been creating music with ''lower'' ideas.
This means being very partial to bass tones, giving the ''highs'' short but direct usage. An esoteric way of explaining this would be that I'm very in tune with the universe and that I am recreating the climate and weather patterns of the N.W. currently.

Bass is like a dark cloud.
The cloud covers's strong with an ability to be overbearing in a negative way.
High's to me are the sun.
It's no suprise that west coast HipHop, specifically Cali' uses a lot of live horns and high frequencies for producing.
Californina is an obviously sunny place and the music reflects such.

What I am doing with my current production is giving you grey clouds with occasional glimmers of sun rays. 
This is what is going on in Washington State. 
It's this tricky time between winter and spring that I have managed to create sonically...subconsciously.
Inevevitably my sound will change drastically during the warmer months

I am killing what I call the grey zone though.

This years "MonthOfMae" will be an exhibit of grey zone music.

Grey is very neutral... not so much a threat. Expect "Mae" to be a neutral month with plenty of ''Holy Shit!" moments. In weather terms, think of it as mid 50's with a chance of sun breaks.
Ironically, this is a Washingtonians comfort zone.

Remember now, I skipped last year's "Mae"
I would like to believe that you out there are very eager and impatient to hear if something will manifest this year.

it will.

Just be dressed for the occasion.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

4th ave.

Olympia Wa.
Who gets down like they do?
The nightlife is straight grimey. Human shit in the alleys, walking puke machines...street musicians.
Last night at Le Voyeur was very enjoyable and it was a good time to be a Hip Hop fan.
Passionate and entertaining performance by my man Awall. I got to see him captivate like he does.
Between the fantastic vegetarian food and the impressive import beer selection, the venue was cool.
I remember when I rocked the stage free styling for 15 mins at that very venue.
Tacoma needs a place like this.


Smoking cigarettes and drinking beer isn't my day to day.
There's something about the music circuit that changes me.
I did both last night and I woke up with the need to run a mile or so and cleanse last nights toxin bath.
There's no real regrets here, just documented feelings and thoughts.

I'd write more about it but I hate blogging on phones.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Moving along

Woke up genuinely tired this morning...could not sleep.
Parenting in a nutshell. No complaints.

I keep checking in to the cloud, seeing how Pace is doing.
It's about what I expected.
A core audience project...though it did reel in a few new folks.
Spam robots? I don't even know anymore.
Instagram is the worst with that shit right now.
Can I get some real humans?

Producing on the under tip now. Well, last night I was.

Mpc status. My stuff is gonna be a real head scratcher when this May comes.

I hope that my crates aren't too predictable, both digital and not.

I got told that I was doing good on the machines and to not stop so there is that.
Obviously when told that you are not too hot on something, you can either quit or go harder.

I'm in a dangerous creative cruise control so remind me if I am getting stale ya'll.
I feel very fresh though.

I wanna do vocals but I just cannot get the alone time needed so I do not even force it.
When the time comes it will come.

In the meantime, just keep plucking away at these beats.

31 is a big number for me, it signals an end, a sort of music marathon completion number.

more on that theory later.

The family tree of music is a beautiful thing.

I am somewhere on that tree at all times

Do not count me out people.


Thursday, March 2, 2017


You ever sleep on your own self? 

Playing the old Month of Mae catalogue made me realize that I have. 

Sometimes, it takes a few years to understand things that are ahead of time. 
The idea of an audio journal isn't too brilliant in these modern times. 
Although simple...the idea is actually fairly tough to execute effectively. 
Creative expression. 
The expression that you receive overall is what the Mae stuff is about. 

I've made an impact that is huge! Creative wise I broke barriers. 

In the end, if I have only blown my own mind, that is enough for me. 

I know others are watching and listening though. 


The things that I secrete are subconscious jewels that when played back can really stop  you in your tracks. 

Pun included too. 

This year I hope to add another edition in the books. 

I have an idea of what it will be like already. 

Seasoned...louder...extremely confident and comfortable. 

A whole new way really. 

I sill wonder if my cloud family is ready to hear me over my own frequencies. 
The idea is great, though I still imagine some being surprised at the doing. 

  Be aware. Once I do this project this year. I am a certified veteran. 
A veteran of underground music. Straight up and down. 
I can mix. Produce. Write. Conceptualize. Design.  
I am a walking Swiss army music knife. 

Look at my age. Am I really the youngest vet? 
Of Tacoma? 
Quite possible. I sorta need to enjoy doing research on local people again.  
There must be someone out there. Here. 
I've made the elder gods happy so now what? 

It'd be funny if I was the youngest in charge yet still rebellious enough to play hooky from work. 
This stuff isn't work though. At least to me. 
Are you guys tired because you consider this creation stuff work? 

Is something natural, work? 

I don't know yet. 

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Something I do not normally do.

Super sad, Sunday is here, this day makes the Hess Bakery and Deli closed today.
I wanted to make it there just one more time before I left here, back to the Rez.
It has been a serious joy being able to fall back here at unc's house.
Sleeping in...nerding out on video playing.
Amost a mini vacation yo.

Remy ma is making sound waves crash. I caught a little of it yesterday.
Things were said that technically aren't even a suprise so I don't feel the diss has true shock value.
What I do feel is that the song had the power of being a good old fashioned call out.
Even in the workplace, calling another person out is them.
Folks can't handle the direct-ness of it, we are soft, as a humanity.

I got phlegm ya'll.

This shit needs to go away.

second hand smoke is a first hand burden.

Very happy to be in a cleaner air enviroment later. 

I've kinda morphed into a super health diva over the years.

This painting can kind of describe my weekend here in Lakewood.
No shots.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Live from Chocolate city.

I am officially out here. posted like a thumb tack.
With some bavarian food in the belly, I am very satisfied and eager.
Eager for something that I can't identify yet.
It's a wave of energy that I can feel.

My head is a bit cloudy though.
I'm staying at my uncle's house and I got a bit carried away last night.
Living his version of life instead of my own preferred version.
This morning, I woke with a headache and had to run it off...
easy fix.
Now, I am nursing a very satisfying apple kombucha.
Fuck toxins yo.
I'm surrounded by them and I feel like I am under attack.

All out warfare.


Swizz and Blaze basically did what I want to do, did want to do.
I appreciate the epic display you two.

I don't really need to say anything more.


Eyes hurt, a tired bloodshot. Mass to show for the day though. Impressive run on the MP. I got groove that I'm growing into. ...