Saturday, November 4, 2017


Welp. Winter is basically here now.
Got snowfall here which means that my riding of bikes will slow down now.
I really got tired of the daily comments about me riding bikes.
It got exhausting explaining to adults that I genuinely enjoy riding.
There was rumor that I ride bikes due to past legal troubles that prevented me from obtaining
a liscense.
Ya'll got some really good imaginations out there.
If I compromise and drive a truck to work, your gonna speak on that how can a brother win out here?
I can get my L's (Thats what we called em in the city)
I am not in any legal trouble.
Not sure why it's worth repeating.
Just proves how little is known about me.

As for music, the little Halloween joint was released/uploaded and took off a lot more slowly then I had wanted. Kinda sad that I had an ''expectation'' for music in the first place.
Perhaps that was a flawed idea from the start.
The project is ill though. Just very not like anything around here.
Tough being different and doing things nobody else is into.
It's like walking around in zebra pattern pants with a Patagonia jacket on at all times.
Gonna stick out.
I knew that I was built for a reason but I did not see the entire purpose of my being until my later years. MY purpose is starting to become more crystal clear with each waking moment.
I am here to operate outside of conventional thought.
Here to remind other beings that it is ok to do what the voice of the beings soul tells them.
Why are the actions of a soul questioned?
Are gut instincts becoming overated? Is beneficial impulse a thing?
This world is throwing me curves everyday.
Gotta keep swervin'

I halfway heard that Tacoma is talking about me. (On the book of faces)
Far as rap goes.
Yes, I am technically a great rapper. I just fail to convince you with my presence that I am a rapper to begin with. I defend my artistry quite a bit on the day to day.
Some do not even believe that I talk out loud.....I'm a quiet guy outside of rapping on microphones.
The main reason is that I simply like to balance chakras.
The most simple answer.

Learn about Human Technology by Illchee Lee.

Maybe things won't be so confusing after reading a book like that.

For you anyways.

Out of somewhere

Yoga flame and unforetold notions of pain.
This raps both of the same. 
Rewrote the way of the motions of change. 
Hit the road and not know a constraint. 
Show and display I'm not going away. 
Flowing for days, it's hot knowing my ways. 
Ode to decay, so stop throwing away. 
I'm going through phases so they say. 
Molding the clay, no mold in the clay. 
Quick to show you how the boisterous behave. 
The noise is a wave or a sonic salutation. 
I'm known to smile while compiling styles of greatness. 
Being dope to the platelets, at first doesn't make sense to the ordinary. 
Of course it varies, different levels and degrees to several deeds. 


Geared for madness, clear synapsis. 
Peers are trashed off beer and absinthe. 
To be perfectly clear I'm disastrous. 
Least when I'm choppin the beats I get passive. 
Why clash with the classics?
I laugh just a tad bit at the very thought of that. 
I ain't gotta act like I gotta app. I autograph my name on the paper that your daughter had. 
Purist tendencies are guided by the awesome fact. 
That I caught the trap then fought to relax. 
After shedding skin toxins in a nap,
I then play possum to those that blossom with tracks. 
Only some are in awe while I'm awesome. 
The keeper of flaws run it like sneakers and raw drums. 
I'm condeming the criticism that's common. 
The lyricism slaughters all of em. 


Got the fight of a Navajo with a pocket knife. 
In the cupboard waiting to get brought to life. 
You got the hype but you lost the stripes. 
An ex Yankee. I painstakingly make heat. 
Rushing cats like zangief in the plain streets. 
Cancer kills you the same way that pain eats. 
You either train or complain till the pain leaves...I haven't a reason to be angry. 
Every day I try to not be the same me. 
Evolution is a process of changing. 
My alarm clocks never have the same ring. 
I digress the confessions of made speech. 

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Ways To, is up

I made this project over the last 3 weekends.
Basically spending a few hours every Friday and Saturday on it.
I work very quick and do not sacrifice quality for speed no matter how you feel about such idea.
The idea of Ways To. is this.

There are always ways and techniques available to a creator.
It is up to the creator to decide what techniques to apply in order to get a point across.
I want to get the point across that no matter how much time you have, little or not.
You can always make room for your passions and creative ideas.
It is essential that aritst's create what they feel the soul tells them to.
I take pride in allowing my soul and subconscious to take the drivers seat when creating music.

Do not underestimate the power of a good old fashioned vibe, or hunch.

Trust yourself and you will create a true and regret free piece of art.

In this case it's "Way's To''

Now get to work people.

Im going back to working on this Poet Laureate song.

For reasons known, I have a point to prove among fellow Washingtonian rappers.

When you take shortcuts, you only cheat yourself.

says self.

Now let me get to my weekend.


Last stretch

Coffee time.

I need to wrap up this project for folks this weekend.
I want some alize'.
I want some good beer.
Just a few ingredients to finish strong with.
Not trying to proclaim too much on this ''tape''.
Other then the fact that the technique for creation seems to change often.
Please do not pinpoint me into certain boxes.
Arists's strive to be what you say that we cannot.
Almost like a fun little challenge.

Still getting accustomed to owning a home.
OWNING a home. fucking epic sentence.
Being house poor is a new thing to get used to though.
What I pay to live is easily more then double, compared to the last spot.
All worth it though.
Just need to continue the new skills of budgeting.

Money wise, just give me a few pair of yeezy's, a numark turntable, a Yohji cape, and I am good.
My girl teases but I want to wear a cape these days. More often at least.
Non-related to anything.

Money being tied up in the house is a good thing. Protect your investments ya'll.
Just do not forget to indulge a while.
Remind yourself why you work in the first place.
Besides the fact that we were programmed to do the shit.
It does get old but we must press on.

More to create.
As things around us are constantly destroyed.
Such a ying-yang of affairs.

Blessings to the family and friends.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Type of spits.

Not too tough to put out a ton of speech when your musically sprung for the speech. 
I came from being overcome with defeat. 
I came from clean and sober lungs, to mesquite. 
Used to runnin the streets with tongue in a cheek.
 You'd confront my beliefs to hunt me for cheap. 
The rhyme books more like a bundle
Of sheets. 
The place I typically come from, none can reach. 
Zach Morris after he becomes a screech. 
Raps technicalities have become my grief. 
I miss the predictability of the summer heat. 
But brainstorms ain't foreign for a couple weeks. 
In 7th grade wearing lugz with my peeps. 
The ones that looked like Clark's, and barley hung from my feet.
After hundreds of sneaks. I got the collection I've always wanted capeesh?

I'm a gifted individual giving clues. Ayo!
I want my niggas to fizzle too. 
Overlooking the power of many minerals. 
This type of thing affects your mindstate miserable. 
I'm uplifting listeners to different moods. 
I'll truncate position just to switch the view. 
I want fakes to listen to the realest news. 
Self experimentations are a statistic jewel. 
Cut the cancer from the cool. 
The tumor out of tragedy and absess from abuse 
My maximum rep is massive to you. 
I'm giving dap to my youth then I'm back to the booth. 
Unauthorized authentic fashionable. 
Lately my hands been fastened to a brew. 
It's obvious abstract isn't natural to you.
So I have to peruse. This just a tad of the new.