Wax that

Wax that

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Solid food fasting

I did it. Not quite 72 hours of no solid food but, I could have went longer no doubt. 
Of course the 1st day was the absolute toughest. 
As I break fast this morning, I'm giving my inactive organs some pears and salmon. 
Cool mix lol. 

I decided last night that I would eat. 
I was very productive while not eating. 
I painted like crazy. 
Wether is was to keep my mind off eating or not, the point is that I was productive. 

I'm not giving folks an hour by hour breakdown. 
I just wanted to document that I wanted to fast for the first time and did. 

Our bodies are highly adaptable and this will forever amaze me. 

I'm certain another fast will take place. 

Over and out. 

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

My present to you. BlabberMouth Babble overview.

Here are some reasons why BlabberMouth Babble pt.6 will be perhaps my most efficient batch of music to date.

*sound quality wise, I borderline obsessed over the sound/decibels of the overall project. I basically mixed this for the SoundCloud platform exclusively. Something that I subconsciously already do but not to this degree.

*cover art wise, this project has given me the urge to paint again! I took an unwanted break roughly two years ago and never seemed to forge a healthy relationship with the canvas again...till now. After knocking off the Initial rust...I will give my best attempt of a self portrait  for the first time since high school.

*beat wise, I'm giving you some of the most meaningful chops of my life of producing thus far. Expect it to be very sample based. Very choppy. Very much my record collection. BUT, I will have Dilla on there as well as Samiyam. This will smooth things out. I assure that.

*content wise, believe it or not, I still have things to say that aren't recycled from years before. There's still untold stories about myself and new rhyme schemes, techniques etc. that I explore on these joints. This batch of cuts are meant to be played consecutively and I firmly believe in the replay value of the whole unit.

BlabberMouth Babble was first conceived in 2010 when I had first purchased my 8 track and Sp-404. The first edition was me learning how to use the hardware and work on the self sufficient approach that I depend on to this day. Naturally as the years progressed, the music as a whole got better...a little better quality, better beats. Better vision. Better artwork. 6 years later, I can proudly say that I have perfected the art of "me" meaning that creatively, I can go where I want to. More importantly. I can start with a vision or idea, and I can execute what I hear inside my head. Every artist wants to be able to materialize what's inside their brains into something tangible...something you can feel, smell, hear.

I want to be known for Month of Mae and for BlabberMouth. The Blabber series is even more special to me because of its significance to my born day. As I have always released these projects on Jan. 11.

That's about it y'all. Wait till 2017 and listen in headphones for a personal vibe. Or play it in a car. Thats how I enjoy it.

Happy holidays.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Outta thin air

Creative vents when un-written, can seem very special. Almost supernatural.
The freestyle in HipHop has mass meanings now, but originally..to me,
when you freestyle, you come up with lyrics on the spot, about whats going on around you.
true improv.

Not all emcees can do that type of thing, So when its done correctly, it can really turn heads.

When I came up with the Dali' idea of adding Surreal forms to music, 
Alls it meant was that I promised myself to think less and create more from the
subconscious part of the brain. 

It worked wonders for me.

Over the years I have learned to trust myself more then ever, along with obtaining levels
of confidence I never thought I could reach.

Now, large crowds of strangers are no problem for me.

If only I could do the school years over now lol.

It's no secret that these modern times are testing all of us, young,old and the middle age.

As an artist, The one true form of protest will always be ''creations''

Paintings, Drawings, Music recordings...all of it, is a form of protest.

In the world of energy and vibrations. It is the constant balance of opposing energies that 
create our current atmosphere.

AS long as there is dark and negative things swirling around this dimension.
I am obligated to put light and positive things out to combat it.

Sort of like an energy war, that we cannot see..only feel.

I kinda feel like one of those Himalayan salt lamps that purify the air.

working in overdrive.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016


My oh my.
I've been dealing with very strong urges to create.
The other night, I cleared off the drafting table...grabbed the easel from the closet..along with the oils.  And.

Left it all sitting there.

Thing is. My urge to create wasn't as strong as the urge to have a clean work space first. My audio form of a birthday present is almost complete and I always prepare a self drawn/painted portrait of myself for the cover art.


Only thing different coming this January is an oil painting.

The daydreams tell me that this piece will be a cross between Basquiat and Matisse.

One hell of a hybrid. But I'm not one to argue with impulse like that.

That's in the art world of my life.

In the fitness realm.
 Still cycling.
Still keeping a trim figure. Muscles are only a nice byproduct of me working towards having optimum lungs and heart condition.

It's up to me to reverse all those years of smoking. I even been joggin lately and holy hell, it's a ass kicker. Or a lung kicker.

Long as it hurts I'll keep doing it.

Sounds wrong but it does make sense. Trust me.

Got a rap show on Dec. 10th. Still waiting on a flyer.

Time to remember these ancient verses.

Revisit the past a bit.

Peace out!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Just wanted to take the time to tell readers how fluid, things are going. 
I got a show offer. Dec 10. 
I'm currently creating substance for BlabberMouth Babble part 6! 
I'm reading more books then ever and applying knowledge. 


I'm still being the best I can be around these kids and these adults. 
On the daily. 

Everyday is a test for me and I'm constantly dependent on healthy distractions. 
It's so easy to justify fucking up when you say that " your gonna die one day anyways"

Well....wouldn't you want to enjoy prime living conditions while alive?! 

It's true that the healthiest people could die at any moment. 

That kinda thought process while realistic, is also a trap door. 
One can really begin to allow themselves to "slip" into sketchy business. 

I believe. 

When you see healthy people. People that are distracted in healthy ways, 
They are most likely avoiding something that they do not want to return to. 

So always consider why folks do what they do. 
For there is a reason for the madness behind the machine. 

A very natural machine at that. 

I been telling folks that since "strainmachine" 

Whatever though. 

Thursday, October 27, 2016

With a bottle of illy

Exciting news, least to me. 
Frequencies and vibrations are deep as sea recently. 
Slowly weakening and confused on how my brains not keeping dreams. 
I wake with deleted scenes, not repeated streams. 
Write lines with the plot to read between. 
Stay with the lines like an easy phene. 
Keep the power to vaporize while releasing steam. 
Reach for the beams of bright lumens through beat machines. 
The side effects of a mind  intrepid describe my method. 
Living yet life prescribes the deathwish. 
Continue to exercise my time invested until my final exit. 
Dropping points that come from above like rhino Tetris. 
That makes as much sense as a wino albino from Texas. 
Stretch the size of a dimehole for the best fit. 
Perplexed at how the verbs get direct hits. 
Sure bet to endure the test and wreck wigs. 


Folks are statistically stationary, complacent fairies. 
The reason why there's so many forms of hate that varies. 
Feeling strain from excessive weight to carry.
Impatient ones can't wait to hear me.
Barely safe from fakes who let fear creep.
Dear sheet, take my letters and not let me hear a peep.
The one man band with split personality who dosent work for salary.
My brainstorm is brain food and the verse is calories.
Told myself it wouldn't hurt to challenge me.
Tend to come across as a berserck formality.
Listen to classical in reverse and rehearse fatalities.
Quench the thirst of the worst first, shall we eat?!
Most of my pivotal projects are In general complex.
Takes work to thumb through the subliminal context.
Heaven sent me to work on this cynical process.
I'll crayola crayon scribble on ya miserable conscience.

This is just offense.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Stuff for the Thing


Redundant to place a link next to a widget with the latest sounds, But this one deserves its own post.
Charlie is a sort of day one supporter.

He'd drop love even when no one else would. Back when comments made the Soundcloud platform what it was. Dude hit me the other day wanting to know what it would take to get ''Dali" on a track.

little did he know....

All dude had to do was send something. I'll damn near rap over rain drops with drums behind em..Long as the passion is there, I'm with it.

I woke up today and knocked out the song that is the link above.

Simple. We are artists and we create. There is nothing more to it.

No magic tricks or none of that. Just simple innocent creation from the soul,

I call it heartpour sometimes. Just to keep it colorful.