Wax that

Wax that

Monday, January 26, 2015

The call of all calls.

Just like that, he called. It was lost soul and I hadn't spoke to him for the better side of two years. 

"I wanna bring the band back together" he said. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Gonzo was like a pretty ex girlfriend who you forcefully stopped thinking about, primarily to save the current relationship you were in. 

"Wow" I said. "Really?" 

I was good at bringing things out of people, a sort of silent way of demanding the info. 

He started in on how the band was a high frequency energy group and I paced the house while listening. Carefully adding a few "yeahs" in there, and of couple of "nice" lines....to let em know that he still had my focus. It was pleasant to hear him. The voice was a newer and more concise version of its former self from years ago. The voice on the phone was alas decisive and deliberate. Naturally this enhanced my  focus and by the conversations end I was on board. 


For those lost in translation, Gonzo Family is indeed working on a return to the local music scene. And I write more then you, so what's next? 

Saturday, January 17, 2015

About me.

I genuinely hate when individuals tell you how you are feeling, or tell you what your original motives were for a (blank). 

For instance. I'm being told that I'm "this way" but I'm really "that way" either way you get the point. It's fucking irritating. 

People. Stop telling me when I'm mad or when I'm annoyed. You DO NOT know. 
Let me process my own emotions as it was meant to be. Hopefully that will give you sufficient time to analyze your own moods. Which in general tend to change by the minute. Making it ever so tough to mesh with. 

That is all. 

Tuesday, January 13, 2015


The city really took care of the lady and I this past Jan. 11th. 

There were things that instantly fueled my creativity, lot of this came from simple street walking. 

Cities like Tacoma and Portland really make me dislike cars much more then I already do. Sometimes you get the feeling that the cars are out of place....almost like foreign objects amongst the natural walkers. It's fun when you approach metropolis settings with an almost primitive outlook. 

Makes for a fun trip. 

For me, the museums served their purpose. That purpose was to allow me to feel what I feel now as I type this. A sort of art bliss that comes around only a few times a year for me. Although I must not underestimate these waves of art energy that come through- they are big. 
Often times, all other things fall to the wayside when these vibes hit. Things like food, clothing, children....they don't matter as much in the grand scheme of things. This is what I imagine double edged swords to be in my minds eye. 

Let's not mention the torture of possessing numerous passions over a variety of hobbies and art forms. 

I love so much, that often I feel like there just isn't enough time for my "duties" as a creator and other things. Then I calm myself and get centered again. The way humans brains work, it's not a surprise to me that individuals feel the need to want to dabble with "everything".  

I prize my passions. Along with the time it takes to exercise those passions. 

My brother Adrian got me 28 packs of pastels (holy shit) and now I'm committed to doing some pieces once again. 

I wanted to write about the city and how it keeps me on point....it ended up being about art. Go figure 

Sunday, January 4, 2015

For my dude.

Way to go beans....or haggard. I see you spazzing out there. Holding down Tacoma with dusty chops and things. 

You almost singlehandedly made me wanna move back to the city. That's how much allure you give it my nigga. 

I'm out here making a genre on my own and shit. You know how it is?. The hardest thing for us is falling back. 

The more we hear, the more we work ain't it? 

Well.... I'll holla. Josh and Awall are doing things I approve of. Lemme just say, my names out there one way or another. Same goes for my energy. 

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Just can't win em all

Some days are just plain tired.

I miss the simple days. The days when things were simply "in their place".

Wether it be the umbrella sitting in the corner, waiting to be used. 

Or maybe it's the fresh pair of socks waiting for you in the top dresser drawer. 

Either way, those days are slipping away from me. The more control and/or energy I put into making this place comfortable for me. They're equal parts energy going against my efforts. 

As an almost 30 year old. I now see that it's the little things that indeed go tremendous distance with others. 

Happy year yall. 

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Well Well, Last night, I convinced myself to begin production on ''BlabberMouth'' part 4 series.
Besides ''Month of Mae'' the blabbermouth shit is most likely what I'm known for anyways. Alas, Ive became known for sub-concious documentary which is thrilling, considering the plans set in place long ago from myself.

I told a Co-worker that I'd let them get a taste of the music, what am I waiting for though? Shy? naw, just wanna be heard the way that I want lol, Funny how you can control such things. I have the ability to uplift through music and I have no problem sharing such powers with my friends.

then there's this,

Funeral this Friday for my Grandfather, 21 gun salute ceremony and all. I sure hope that uncle Lonnie from Chicago makes it, he's able if you ask me.

Next is year 2015, Christmas need not be brought up since you know the deal.

Basically once January comes, you all will be observers of something more free then yourself,

[[little hint]]

And last but not least, I will always take pride and joy in cycling, mountain biking or whatever else name the activity has. just that simple.

Lately, alls I wanna do is put miles on the bike.

and now, off to do some vocal work.....Beanz? you out there? hurry up Negro!! I want my beats haha

Friday, December 12, 2014