Wax that

Wax that

Monday, November 17, 2014

Morning Monday.

Morning, it's Monday and I have lots to say. I ended up having to go to couples counseling over the weekend, ladies request...lets just say that hurdle has been crossed. Hopefully if I ever have to go back there, it's to tell them that I'm fine without the help. Doesn't mean that the people weren't very nice, they actually were just fine. I have no ill feelings for them. Appreciate the work. 

Next. I recorded something which is a pretty major deal. Music has been turned off...the music making part at least. I'm stopping myself before I get complacent and am no longer amused from my play on words. Instrumentals get a lot of play from me lately. There's so much heat on soundcloud that I firmly believe now that there isn't "a best" artist walking around out there. We all have techniques and styles which we take turns manifesting and handing off to one another. The song I recorded is a hello wave to tepalom since I'm concerned for him. His music is fluid and very organically put together. I almost always sound great over his productions. This latest one didn't disappoint. 

The ride in this morning was in the 20's. My fingers are numb as fuck. The gloves work, just not for this extreme of tempuratures.  Need to either double up next time or upgrade the gear. I'm still riding my bike around despite everyone's personal opinions of safety and other blah blah I don't want to hear. Sometimes I feel like there is just too many life commentators out there. Directing every life play for you. It's not needed. Least for me. 

I'd be lying if I said that I diddnt miss making paintings and making music. Somedays I walk around I just don't feel like I'm totally fulfilled. Always feeling like there's still something to do for the day. I feel bad because I just turned my back on the arts. Gave it a cold shoulder and expect it to greet me back with open arms soon as I get back to my normal self.   

Let's hope the arts don't have a fuck you attitude when I get back to it. 

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Thursday write down

The women has a real cancerous way of thinking. She seems to know the future and will make present decisions to prevent the definite. 
The women has faith, though not in I. 

It's also apparent that if I diddnt have various outlets that I would indeed need some form of counseling. This comes form my own observations. As a unit, I can be strong. Individually I'm strong already. These kinda skills keep me confident. There's really no other way to put it. I don't "see" like I used to. Which is a good thing. 

Least I now know how cynical women are as well. I always knew how far men could mentally take things but girls have the game sewed up. 

Now, as for music......

Influential Minds (crew) and technically their first album left me with sensations and feelings of proud. It's been a very long time coming but they proved that extra time can help achieve quality. 
The sound is listenable. The voices are different enough to remain unique amongst each other, and the beats are safe and feel good. I imagine it will retain its appeal around the city. It's polished....good footprint to leave for the city yall. 

I played the walking trip stuff this morning. Brought tears to my eyes. Then I stopped instantly. 

A walking trip really has staying power as well. Yall slept like no other on that walking trip page.  Damn. 

Monday, November 10, 2014

Zone dre.

Your beats gonna get done in. You don't even know imma use it either. But that's my thing. 

One day it'll surface somewhere and it'll be a grand surprise. You'll stand back and think "fucker took my beat, and did an awful lot of justice to it."

That's what I do. 

In other news, it's scorpion season. Birthday times for nearly my entire family. Best wishes to you scorpions. 

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Another observation.

Why do they call "o" rings "o" rings? Aren't all rings "o's"?

Quick thought and observation.

I sympathize with those who do not accept free advice and or jewels aka (knowledge)

You can get game from an infant if your watching close enough. People that struggle with ego are damn near operating with disabilities as far as I'm concerned. 

Let them find the way on their own. Time will reveal the secrets. 

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Sunday morning.

Love this foggy fog outside. My backyard is one of the mythical scenes that keep me inspired out here, painting, making beats...it's always something to fuel the creativity of those doings. I just can't get enough of the outside visuals. Leaves and things. 

I don't even know why I just went to hiphopgame.com just now. Can that site get any more watered down and Wack. Least undergroundhiphop.com still tries to play the part of being an actual source of music information. I'll still read, just shake my head more often with hiphopgame. It's just not feeling right when I go there anymore.  Been like that for years now. Nas can still bust a rhyme or two. Heard em over dilla...held his own. There's no way I look at him the same way I did back then though. Now I wonder if it's like that with me. Where people see a maedali track uploaded and are like "naw, I'm cool off that". Makes me wonder. 

It's foggy. Beautiful. 

Folks literally stopped hitting me up since like a month ago. No tepalom. No Robert. Had to hit Pete up personally. I don't fully mind. But it does make me think more then I should. Yall are busy. 

I just hope you like me for more then just music purposes. I'm actually feeling really good yall. Don't worry about me. 

Miss my brother Jeremy. Along with Abom..Essdi and mass others. People still do family reunions these days? 

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Fred with Marilyn

@ the event center

Costume party was full of folks that went all out on the get ups. I'm was seriously shocked at the quality of those outfits. 

The girl and I got down for a little on the dance floor which I don't do often, and we left the venue after leaving a satisfying impression on the other night walkers. ��

Once inside the casino:

Made it quite a ways along the casino floor before being told to remove the mask. I didn't remove it though, I just left.
Scared a good amount of people this weekend. Some unintentional, some intentional. ����